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3/22/13 7:08 P

I actually practiced allowing myself one day per every two weeks to eat whatever I wanted. (Of course, I didn't go totally overboard with it.) The rational behind this is that by giving yourself this permission, you don't go beating yourself up or having an emotional melt-down for eating it, and also because deprivation is more likely to derail your efforts than having something that you enjoy on occasion.

Now that I am at my goal weight, and have been for over 2 years, I still eat in the weight-loss mode, BUT I allow myself whatever I want once a week. Sometimes the gap is a wee bit longer, and occasionally a bit closer, but I am still maintaining, AND my blood work has all been normal since having lost weight.


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3/22/13 5:56 P

This is NOT a journey of perfection. Eating two tortillas is not a sign of failure! I love flour tortillas, and eat them regularly. Remember that denial doesn't work! It leaves you wanting what you can't have, and in the end, you don't want to deny yourself these things forever, so why start now?

Eating two tortillas, even flour ones, won't sabotage your efforts, as long as you track t hem and include them in your range. This isn't about never making an unhealthy choice, it's about learning to handle choices in moderation.

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3/22/13 5:36 P

Good for you.. it's really hard when you feel that craving, but you stuck it out! That said, some other time you can plan your food and calorie intake to maybe include one flour tortilla.. I find some of the low carb ones are only about 60 calories, which is manageable.

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3/20/13 2:38 P

Step by step we move through the challenges to meet our goals and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
It is a process and consistency, patience and perseverance are part of that.

You go!! emoticon

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3/20/13 12:19 P

My motivation was severly lacking last night. I broke down, I was so hungry and though I am proud of the choices I am making I don't have a scale and can't check my weight to see if I am making progress and I really wanted to eat 2 flour tortillas with dinner because what I made goes with tortillas but I get tired of the corn ones. I cried a few minutes and my husband supported me which he doesn't usually do and now I am so proud of myself. We sometimes have to have these little emotional breaks, let it out, and move on...I feel much more motivated today and I'm ready to do this!!!

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