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It's very individual, so what works for me may not come close to working for you. That said, I find that when I get busy or stressed, I tend to fall out of "love" with healthy foods and the belief that good-for-you options do not taste as good as not-as-good-for-you choices. I may stumble a time or two, but when I see that trend starting (like this weekend), I make myself something flavor-packed. This weekend, my savior was a big batch of pico de gallo (as seen here:
) with a nice salad of romaine, tomatoes, mozzarella, and pinto beans. I could eat buckets of that salsa with almost anything when made right, it is so flavor-rich. And within reason, I CAN eat buckets of the stuff without horribly hindering my efforts, provided I do not eat an entire bag of Tostitos with it. (It can get high on sodium, so watch that, but topping a nice big taco salad fill my "binge" desires and get them out of the way.)

Basically, I'm of the mindset that when I want to binge, I binge...on healthy things. If I go full avoidance and rely on willpower alone, it sets me up for total failure via a face-first nosedive into a triple-layered chocolate cake. Before I get that far gone, I find a healthy option that I can go beserk on, and it gets those emotional eating craves out of my system.

Your mileage may vary considerably with that advice, works for me.

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Hello Spark people! I have been a member for years where I have started to notice a pattern: I do an excellent job at working out, but when it comes to food that's a different story...

In general, I eat healthy and sneak in treats here and there throughout the week. However, if I find myself stressed then all is downhill from there. I have had moments where I can control the eating when stressed, but I am wondering what people do when they get emotionally overwhelmed when they typically turn to food?

Any suggestions, specifically on food, would be wonderful! What I mean is that I know that I, for example, could go for a run or replace bad food with something healthy. The reality of the situation is that it is not always that easy so for you that know what I am talking about, please let me know your tips and tools! Thank you!

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