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12/2/12 11:03 P

Thank you!
Just to clarify that was in reguards to tracking for myself. My mother is currently rehabbing after a surgery on her knee and does around 5 mins a day, but I was hoping to try and do around a half hour every morning before work.

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12/2/12 10:10 P


I would recommend stationary bike as well, since she is not having to support her weight. Remember too, that all calorie calculators are just estimates of calories expended so while it may not be the exact piece of equipment she is using, it is a good estimate.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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12/2/12 9:50 P

I would guess bike, if only because you're burning less sitting on the bike than if you were standing on an elliptical. That's just a guess though

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12/2/12 9:26 P

My mother recently got an elliptical bike. It is like a stationary bike but with moving arms, how an elliptical has.

I was just wondering, when tracking calories if it should be tracked as an elliptical or as a bike?

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