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BETTSIE1 Posts: 8
2/9/10 10:43 A

The 25g of oats went in ok.
The 2g of dried apricots went in ok,but 1 cup of apricot halves totalling 313 cals also went in for some reason!
I couldn't see s.skimmed milk,so I chose 50 ml of 2% milk,& that went in ok.
Will persevere & see how it goes.
Thanks for help.

BETTSIE1 Posts: 8
2/9/10 10:31 A

I am going to try & enter 25 grams of oats,2 grams of dried apricots,50 ml of semi skimmed milk now & see how it does!

MEMYSELF2011 Posts: 638
2/9/10 10:19 A

I do. Tracking my food is one of the things that seems to keep me on track. When I start getting lazy about it, I start to let old unhealthy habits creep back.

BETTSIE1 Posts: 8
2/9/10 10:16 A

Thanks for help.
I did enter them using the 'drop down' for how I wanted them to appear,changing cups to grams etc.
But they didn't appear how I had entered them.

I havent tried entering my own foods-feeling discouraged.

Do you use it daily?

MEMYSELF2011 Posts: 638
2/9/10 8:35 A

You can change the serving sizes. And on many of the foods that are put in by the website itself, you can also change what is being measured (e.g. "serving" "ounces" "grams" "cups").

Also, if you can't find the exact way that you like to see it -- you can enter the nutrition info on your own foods.

If you're having a lot of trouble, there is a help button at the top that gives info. And these boards have been awesome in answering questions for me. :)

BETTSIE1 Posts: 8
2/9/10 4:27 A

I just tried it.
It calculated 25 cups oats instead of 25 gram,& 100gram apricots instead of 1 gram.

MEMYSELF2011 Posts: 638
2/8/10 1:43 P

I love tracking my food on SparkPeople. Not just for calories, but also for hitting the recommended ranges for fat/carbs/protein. And I track my calcium and cholesterol intake here, too. :)

BETTSIE1 Posts: 8
2/8/10 1:31 P

Thanks for reply!

You can use them without having computer on.
Do you find using the site to count calories convenient?

MEMYSELF2011 Posts: 638
2/8/10 9:29 A

I'm not sure I know the devices that you're talking about.

I use this site to calculate my calories.

BETTSIE1 Posts: 8
2/7/10 7:49 P

Has anyone tried these hand held devices please,or food scales which do the same.
They calculate the calories in the foods you eat throughout the day,& keep record of your total.
Some are too fiddly to use.

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