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3/2/13 7:05 P

The egg whites are higher in protein, BUT the yolks have heaps of really important nutrients in them which the whites don't. I never use just whites - I actually love the yolk too - more flavoursome and I don't like waste, either. I paid for that egg, and I am jolly well going to eat it - LOL!


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3/2/13 6:46 P

The information on eating eggs changes like we change our underwear these days.. I keep to the 4 a week and eat the whole egg. We have to eat balanced and too much of anything is not good for us.. I vary my protein to get all the nutrition my body needs. I don't think what is fast or practical but our good all round health..

3/2/13 3:50 P

no all the nutrition is in the yolk

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3/2/13 3:45 P

I love eggs, but seldom have the yolks due to my cholesterol. The yolks are full of nutrients, and are so tasty.

3/2/13 1:52 P

I only eat a whole egg once per day, but enjoy egg whites at other times during the day. I can't remember where I heard, but they said one yolk a day is fine.

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3/2/13 12:56 P


thank you, DRANGONCHILD! I love the yolks. Eggs are often part of my lunch.

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3/2/13 12:19 P

Actually, there is no such thing as eating one particular food for weight loss. WEight loss is about the calories you eat. There is nothing wrong with eating egg yolks! In fact, egg yolks are full of good nutrition. As long as you are tracking everything, there's no reason not to eat eggs.

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3/2/13 10:50 A

The egg whites I use (powdered) are only 10 calories ... compared to a whole large egg with 70. So, to me, it is a big difference. I usually go half'n'half -- with 1 whole egg + 1 egg white.

I also throw a little of powdered egg white in my smoothies to increase the protein and make it a little frothry -- without adding many calories. I wouldn't want to drink a whole raw egg.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,327
3/2/13 9:19 A

fat is the big issue. most people cook their eggs in some sort of fat, so that added fat and the yolk of the egg can add up to a lot more calories and fat grams than some people want in one meal. and cutting out the yolk can be an easy way to get rid of some of that fat, even though you are getting rid of some of the nutrients.

3/2/13 9:07 A

I always eat the whole egg, not only for the nutrition of the yolks but for the flavor. Egg whites, to me, are tasteless. Plus, a simple egg is so economical and a complete serving size -- no need to throw part of it out or separate it out.

3/2/13 8:33 A

I remembered it had something to do with cholesterol but I couldn't remember exactly so I looked it up.

I love my yoke in eggs so I mix it up. I have a carton of egg whites that I add to my eggs (I can't just throw a yoke out, that just seems wasteful) to make my eggs more filling.

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3/2/13 8:10 A

I have two whole eggs every single day!! (It's my dinner every night -- where I live, lunch is the main meal of the day, and dinner is very light.)

I used to eat up to 12 egg whites and 0 yolks - but I stopped doing that when I couldn't afford it anymore. That's when I switched to whole eggs and realized that the yolks actually have protein in them as well (I had always thought the the whites were all protein and the yolks were all fat). I find 2 whole eggs more filling than 10 egg whites.... I think the fat in the yolk is very satiating.

I lose weight just fine with 2 whole eggs/day.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,320
3/2/13 8:02 A

You are correct that most of the nitrients are in the yolk of the egg...but ot also has an abundance of lutein and zeaxanthin which is good for our eyes. For a long time it was considered unhealthy to eat to many eggs but recent research showed that blood lipids from eating eggs improved...they are a low carb source of switch back if you like as eggs have only 1.6 grams of saturated fat for a large egg.

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3/2/13 7:51 A

More than double the amount of protein per calorie count and virtually no fat. Not that there's anything wrong with the fat in the yolk, most of it consists of healthy fats. But for those wanting to decrease their overall fat, calorie intake while increasing their protein intake.

I love the yolk but i only usually have 1 whole egg a day or a couple times a week in addition to doing egg whites. If I need to decrease the amount of fat in a recipe while increasing the protein, I use egg whites. But I'm not against using the whole egg if it fits into my dietary needs for the day.

4 egg whites are approximately 68 cals, 0.5 g fat and 14.5 g of protein.
1 whole egg is approximately 78 cals 5 g fat and 6 g of protein.

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AKL432 Posts: 8
3/2/13 7:39 A

I have been eating egg whites instead of whole eggs since I started my weight loss journey. I assumed that I could get full on fewer calories by having 2 whites vs. one whole egg. However, to my surprise, I recently discovered that a whole egg makes approximately the same volume of food as 2 whites, for only a difference of 20 calories (70 in the whole egg vs. 50 in 2 whites).

If the calorie difference is so small, why do you eat egg whites for weight loss, instead of the whole egg? Is it because 2 egg whites have more protein than one whole egg? What am I missing?

I am thinking I may switch to whole eggs, because the calorie difference is so small, and there are so many nutrients in the yolk. What am I missing?


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