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Take smoked salmon strips on a cutting board and put a small amount of egg salad on the end of each slice of smoked salmon, Then use some dill sprigs or chives in with the salmon and roll tightly to form into bundles...great appetizes or take small rye squares add egg salad ontop and the a dollop of mashed avocado...garmish with chives...

or how about deviled eggs, souffle, a spinach salad with sliced hard boiled eggs, a quiche, egg drop soup?

I sometimes put a soft boiled egg ontop of my oatmeal or grits...breakfast pizza, make a thin crust or use a califlower crust ..add herbs and scoops of soft ricotta cheese, topped with an oozing egg

Breakfast taco, scramble egg with green pepper and onion, Stuff the taco with mix and lettuce and top with chopped tomatoes or salsa...Have 2...I also like a pork chop with a soft boiled egg on top.

Maybe try matzo bits soaked in eggs and then scrambled. Just a few ideas.....eggs are a low carb source of protein and it seems eggs raise our "good" cholesterol rather than the "bad." hope this helps!

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You can preserve eggs - my grandmother used to rub a grease all over them and then put them into trays in the coldest room of the house. When the chooks (they had 30-40) were off the lay, she still had eggs for breakfasts and cooking. I remember her having 50 dozen or more, like this.

Below is a link to a ton of egg recipes - the second link gives easy instructions on how to preserve the egg as I described:

Let me know how you get on with it :-)

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We have a small 18 acre hobby farm with 20 chickens and a couple of roosters. We get about 6 to 12 eggs a day. I give some of them to the neighbors but I need some egg recipes to add some interest. We are tired of eating the same thing all the time. Anyone have some new ideas for eggs.

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