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Congratulations on your 18 pound loss so far. that's fabulous !!!

What to eat for breakfast ? Do you like eggs or omelets ? If you like eggs, a hard boiled egg with a couple of pieces of whole wheat toast with a bit of jam or peanut butter could work. Do you like oatmeal ? I eat lots of oatmeal in the winter. If you're retired, you probably remember things like Cream of Wheat or Farina. Both are perfectly wonderful options for breakfast. Add a bit of peanut butter for some protein and you're good to go.

Greek yogurt and a piece of fruit is a nice light breakfast if you don't want a heavy meal.

And well, you can always have a sandwich. No one says you have to eat breakfast food for breakfast. You could have a sandwich if you wanted.

In some countries, they eat salads for breakfast or even some soup. It's just a little something so that you don't get hungry during your active morning.

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Hi Char,

Congrats on the 18 pounds lost--that is fantastic!

You are wise to understand that not eating enough will eventually slow your weight loss down--the reason, your body needs fuel to function and that fuel comes in the form of food.

Breakfast is considered by many experts as the most important meal of the day. The reason, your body has been fasting overnight and is ready to reload some of the glycogen (stored carbs in the muscles and liver) stroes that your body utilized to keep things going. As for how much to eat regarding protein, fats and carbs, that will vary. As long as you are eating quality foods, you should be fine. The reason breakfast tends to be on the heavier side of carbs is because of the glycogen depletion I mentioned earlier, but adding in a little protein (from eggs, greek yogurt or other meat sources) will help slow your digestion down and keep you fuller longer.

Know too that it takes time for you to change habits, but when you slowly integrate them into your lifestyle that will become a part of your every day living.

Coach Nancy

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First of all, I want to say that I Love Spark People. I have lost 18 pounds. I have a problem that probably does not come up much. I have numerous days in which I do not eat enough. My biggest poblem is breakfast. I am retired now, but for 37 years, I worked a wicked schedule as a food server, so I am not a morning person. I need some help there, as far as eating. I need to know how much protein, fat, and carbs I need to eat for breakfast to get my metabolism going. I have to eat breakfast in tiny increments over the course of an hour. I am concerned about my body stealing mass from my organs and muscle. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

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