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9/7/12 10:26 A

I find that if I can get primarily veggie stir fry and then tiny portions of the decadent, more salty stuff, it keeps me on track. I also find that if I make an effort (sometimes a really hard one) to e-a-t s-l-o-w it makes a big difference. Drink a glass of water before you go the first time and certainly before you go again. That will help too.

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9/7/12 9:28 A

Super tastey bw3s have to work twice as hard....discipline is a biiiiiittttttccccchhhhh

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9/6/12 1:26 P


If you end up eating at a Chinese buffet, stay away from any of the "fried" stuff. I know the General Gao's chicken is tasty, but it's fried and coated with that super sweet sauce. In short, it's loaded with calories.

Instead, try to opt for the stir fry options. Choose the veggie or shrimp dishes. There are always veggie options at Chinese buffet. Depending on the buffet, they might even serve sushi. If so, have the sushi instead of the Chinese.

If they offer soup. Have a small bowl of soup. won ton soup, egg drop soup or sweet and sour soup. The soups are a tasty low cal option. And having the soup will help you from over eating everything else. Definitely stay away from the fried stuff. That means trying to avoid the General Gao chicken, fried shrimp, fried chicken, etc...

If you really want an egg roll, ask if someone will share one with you.

Buffets really are tough, but if you are mindful of the portions... you will be okay. Pace yourself when you're eating. Put the fork down periodically between bites. Engage in some conversation. When you feel yourself getting full, stop eating. If someone says eat more, it's okay to say no thank you, I've had enough.

Oh and white rice instead of fried rice. that will save calories too. Once again, load up on those veggie dishes.

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9/6/12 10:20 A

When in doubt I try to stay away from the fried foods or foods with heavy sauces. The simple dishes are easier to understand from a nutritional point of view. The biggest thing is portion control. Most people treat buffets as a license to glutton. If you eat normally it should not by a problem.

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9/6/12 10:07 A

yummmy...don t be afraid of the buffet... often yu can try new fish dishes here.. try the shrimp flounder and crablegs.. also a greta place for veggie dishes... fruit and jello...loook for the high protein dishes and avoid...the rice , noodles, breads and macaroni and super carbs.. a little chinese mustard will raise yur metabolism....i actually prefer the chinese buffet for all its choices....gooood luck

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9/6/12 9:58 A

Well the chinese buffet is all help yourself, so that is kind of a food thing as I can get small portions and pick out the veg, but it's not a very healthy place and the only healthy food they offer is said, which I will have but with all the other lovely Chinese food just sitting there it will be so hard to resist especially when it is my favourite kind off food and my favourite place to eat

LOTUS737 Posts: 4,380
9/6/12 9:23 A

I was going to direct you the dining out guide as well! Sometimes I compromise- I love the flavor of general tsao's chicken, but it usually comes with fried chicken- if you ask they'll often substitute it out for the unbreaded one :) Also set limits for yourself ahead of time- are you having appetizers? How much of your dinner do you plan to eat? Box up half right away or share with someone. See if they have brown rice instead of white rice, and use it sparingly. Ask for extra veggies in your dish, and eat them first!

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9/6/12 8:11 A


Below is a link to SparkPeople's Dining Out Guide to Chinese Cuisine. A few things to do today is making sure you do not skip too much on calories during the day and stay hydrated. That being said, even if you go a tad overboard, know that all foods are permitted in a healthy lifestyle and that as long as you get right back on track the next meal, all will be good.

Coach Nancy

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9/6/12 7:55 A

Im going out for a meal tonight to either a Chinese buffet or a pub and I really don't know what I should choose to eat? I think we will end up going to the chinese but there isn't anything I should really have so what could I eat there. I cant let my family down

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