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3/21/13 2:03 A

Spinach salad and the scallops small plate or the steak entree look like the best bets to me as far as inclusion of vegetables, protein and not too much extra fat and carbs (like cheesy potatoes as a side). Hope you enjoy :)

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3/20/13 8:13 P

everything looks amazing there!! Oh wow!!

I would either do the spinach salad w/ dressing on the side. That dressing sounds amazing!!

The Mac and Cheese sounds good too -- might not be the best choice, but sounds delish!!

SAM_I_AM_2K Posts: 1,117
3/20/13 6:26 P

Thanks, everyone!

This evening is definitely going to be a challenge... I am planning to have a snack on the way there (probably fruit) to minimize my hunger and make it easier (I hope).

Honestly, I'm used to wanting everything on the menu, so not really being drawn to anything is throwing me for a loop! lol

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/20/13 5:36 P

Interesting menu - there's several things on there, that I would want to try!

I am intrigued by this "small plate" offering - most places don't even give you the option of a smaller sized meal unless you're ordering off the "kids" or "seniors" menu.....

The scallops would be a good choice. Or the flat iron steak. Personally, I'd try the curried cauliflower (though depending how they make the curry sauce, it might not be the lowest-cal).
AVOID the artichoke dip (those things are typically a cheese-mayo festival of fat).
LIMIT the amount of wine/alcohol you consume (calories add up fast there).
If the food choices all seem too weird for your tastes, just go with the mac 'n cheese and don't worry about it too much - there's only so much "damage" that can be done in ONE single meal out with friends.

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3/20/13 5:17 P

This would be really tough, I think I would eat some before leaving and just try to portion control whatever you order. The only thing that look appetizing to me is baked macaroni and cheese....but I bet the calorie count is pretty high! I wouldn't worry too much about this one meal though, as a previous poster said one meal isn't won't ruin your progress.

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3/20/13 4:37 P

What an interesting menu! But, I'm a big foodie and go for interesting food like this when I eat out. Let's see, I think the spinach salad looks really good. The scallops on the small plates look good, and for large plates, the chicken thighs (maybe skip the gnocchi or save it for another meal) sound pretty good. Nothing on the menu would be easy to track, but I think those options seem to be the lighter of them.

Honestly though, if it was me, I would just splurge and eat whatever... one meal is not going to halt or even hurt all your progress. I'd get that big fat rib eye and enjoy every bite of it :) Those pork buns sound great too.

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3/20/13 4:32 P

Yikes, that menu is not up my alley. But, if I had to eat there, I'd do one of two things.

1. Eat before I go, but allot myself calories for the spinach salad. I'd ask for the pecans, bleu cheese, and vinaigrette on the side. I always prefer to control my portions of these types of foods.


2. Make it a meal and choose something else....I'm sorry, I've been staring at the menu for like 5 minutes and I can't even figure out what to order or how to customize it. Maybe the steak and limit the butter and portion size? Gosh, this menu is a tough one for me too.

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3/20/13 4:15 P

Here's the link:

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3/20/13 4:05 P

Can you link us to the menu, so we can maybe give some suggestions?

SAM_I_AM_2K Posts: 1,117
3/20/13 4:03 P

So, this is a new one for me - and I'm struggling to figure out what to do.

I have a birthday dinner to go to at a restaurant I've never been to. Being diligent, I searched online and found a menu. Not only did nothing jump out at me, nothing even sounds good! I can't say that I've ever looked at a menu and had that thought before. Plus, everything is really high fat/calories by the descriptions and I've been on such a roll that I really don't want to blow it - especially on something I don't even want!

Anyone have any suggestions?

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