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3/10/14 7:56 P

Ok so I am going to do my best to be supportive and positive. For one it looks like some days you work 7 hours and most states anything over 5 hours requires a lunch not just a break and you should be allowed to use the restroom when needed not just certain times. So I would suggest checking up on that. Secondly, you don’t have time for a salad and a sandwich during a 15 so I will give you a few good suggestions. 1. Don’t eat a big breakfast right when you wake up save what you can for your ride/ drive to work or right before you hop in the car. (yes eat something right when you wake up but leave a room for when you are about to head to work to eat so you aren’t as hungry at your break). I have an hour lunch and I get a half hour workout in and a rinse off shower before going to the lunch room for 10-15 minutes to eat. Some foods that are your new best friends are chicken salad, soup that can be chugged, and high protein things like almonds.
My “recipes” for lack of a better term:
-Buy the low sodium tomato soup and add in things like kale or spinach. Pop this into your blender and cup/container a few days to a whole week at a time.
-Chicken salad: 4Oz. of baked/grilled/cooked low fat chicken, 1 table spoon of the light mayo (15calories), 1 tablespoon of sweet relish (15 calories too), and mustard to taste, optional items are celery, an apple cubed and mixed in (nice crunch) , corn, salsa, carrots, etc. (I put this on the 45 calorie Sara Lee bread it tastes great and is fluffy too, whole grain crackers and pita bread will work too.
-you can do egg salad just switch high fat stuff for lower and look into adding low calorie things that have fiber.
-a half chicken breast cut up with veggies and yogurt. (pre cut up foods as much as possible it saves time when eatting.

I hate to sound mean but the ham, is really high in sodium and you’ll have to drink a lot of water to make up for it.

My husband works many days without a lunch (hiswork pays him for and extra hour) and he has to eat in between customers. You need to look into quick things to eat and get back to real foods.
If you need to heat something, while waiting eat a few of the other things

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3/10/14 10:25 A

a wrap with whole grain large tortilla, deli meat, veggies, cheese.

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3/9/14 12:50 A

I do too, but free Starbucks ones win!

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3/9/14 12:18 A

I actually quite LIKE the Mickey Mouse skewers - LOL!


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3/8/14 11:45 P

I prefer triscuits over wheat thins (slightly "cleaner"). I also plan on cutting up the pinwheels, etc into bite sized pieces. At most, I'll stick some on a skewer to hold them together (like this:

Personally, I think I'll use the Starbucks "splash sticks" instead of Mickey Mouse skewers, but you get the idea.

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3/8/14 11:32 P

I have to figure out my schedule for this week (I was scheduled outside of my availability twice, and I have to get that resolved). I'm going to see if I can work my schedule out so I'm working 12:30 to 6:30 (since I'd be available to work until 6:30 at most daycares). I'd be able to get to work early and eat lunch at 12, and somewhere around 4ish when I get a 15, I can have a snack. I'd rather work earlier hours, but the general rule for this department is to schedule people right under the cut-off for requiring a lunch break, so working the same number of hours, but starting at 12:30 would be the best option for me to eat lunch at a good time (for me), while still maintaining somewhat of a life outside of work.

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3/8/14 11:13 A

emoticon for the great healthy lunch ideas! What I discovered from my "experiment" yesterday is that it would help greatly, to plan ahead and have grocery items in the house for packing up lunches. Leftover chicken with ham was an odd combination, but it was the only way I could get the protein-- there was nothing else to choose from.

Personally, I'm glad that was the last of those horrid reduced-fat Wheat Thins. I used to like Wheat Thins years ago and bought that box a while back, on a whim. sigh. I'd be very happy not to eat any more. Ever. But it was all I had, that was sort-of whole grain. Except cold (already cooked) brown rice. And I chose to use up the Wheat Thins once and for all. I need to get to the store and buy some options. Since I'm not working right now, I'm usually eating heated up leftovers for lunch.

It also helps to plan ahead, and pack up the stuff in ready-to-eat pieces. Pinwheels are a great idea. Or sushi. I don't think you want to waste time cutting up stuff or fooling with anything that would require some kind of prep at the lunch table. It was important for me to keep eating steadily, and to focus only on eating. Although you could be cutting up the next bite, while you're eating the first.

And while it was not the "ideal" speed at which to eat-- I could put up with it, if it was necessary for the job. Although I was full & satisfied when the 10 minutes was up..... I'm used to eating slower and it was sort of a "surprize" that lunch was over.

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3/8/14 10:16 A you are using your noggin!!!!


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3/8/14 9:48 A

I have been thinking about a lot of great ideas for lunches. I may pick up the ingredients to make pinwheel sandwiches made with cream cheese (or maybe goat cheese), turkey, spinach, and raspberry jam. Ideally, I'd serve it with some raw veggies (baby carrots and/or grape tomatoes) or an arugula salad and a cup of strawberry soup (strawberries, lime juice, yogurt, and maybe a teaspoon of honey if the strawberries are too tart. Seems like a normal, reasonable meal to me.

This is a picture from my collection of packed lunches. A ham, cheddar, apple, honey, and mustard sandwich on a whole wheat bagel thin (I wouldn't actually eat the bagel thin today). I had some fruit on the side (the apples were leftover from the sandwich, and I used the juice from the pineapple to keep my apples from turning brown). Under the sandwich is a salad (arugula, spinach, white mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and carrots) with dressing (lemon juice and olive oil) on the side.

I've also done things like maple almond butter and banana "sushi" with grapes (even though I don't need the grapes with the bananas- I just grabbed it), grape tomatoes, and a pepper jack cheese stick.

The wrap has laughing cow cheese, ham, and shredded carrots.I had a container of dressing (lemon juice and olive oil) for the salad as well).

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3/7/14 8:56 P

After reading many of her previous threads, I suspect that she has more than enough time to learn how to make Sushi ..... AND have fun in the process. It is something her friend and her could do together!


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3/7/14 8:42 P

Thank you MissRuth! That was the best post I have ever read. Also, sushi is quite time consuming to make properly when you're new to it, and I feel like the OP might not have the time for it.

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3/7/14 6:15 P

I just had another thought re something that you can eat that doesn't take prep at work.
Sushi! Altho' I have never made them, and don't like them, I gather that they are easy enough to make - my son has made them quite often - and a lot who like them say that they can be quite filling, and they certainly are easy enough to eat.

There is no reason why you can have vege ones OR put some frozen blueberries or other berries in and make fruit ones. Blueberry or strawberry ones would make a nice ending to the vege part of the meal.


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3/7/14 6:04 P

I had to deal with this issue while helping with a computer implementation at work (60-70 hour weeks) and working out with two trainers. It is tough to have sufficient self control when you are tired and hungry at the end of a hard day.

I suggest shifting your focus from lunch, when you're not likely to overeat, and instead focus on changing what is happening after work (dinner, etc). One thing you can do is to prepare your dinner in advance, so that you can reheat and eat it when you get home. OR prepare a small snack that can be eaten as soon as you get off work, to take the edge off your hunger and fatigue. It could also help you to drink a glass of water and lie down for a few minutes before making food choices at night.

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3/7/14 3:36 P

I have to agree with previous posters who have said 3 simple words: Deal With It.

As to being too sore to do anything when you get home - you just started this job and your body will adjust to the new rigors being placed on it. As Ruth pointed out, you *can* eat a filling meal in under 10 minutes with some prior planning and packaging. Soon, you will find that your body has compensated for the new physicality and you won't be so tired or sore, hopefully.

As to feeling full - part of losing weight, as previous people have said, is eating less. You shouldn't be starving, no, but you do have to cut your intake. If a sandwich doesn't fill you up - perhaps drink some water or milk with it (this will help with the hungry feeling), or find another option that will ate least tide you over until dinner.

It's hard - we all know that it is, but you can do it!

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,182
3/7/14 3:27 P

Everyone has some excellent suggestions.

I think the thing to think about is whether you actually want suggestions or just want to vent and argue with each one.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/7/14 1:38 P

LOL @ Miss Ruth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are the bomb among bombs!!

I guess that ends the discussion :)

And thanks for making me literally laugh out loud today!!!

I wish I could mark that with a favourite button or a thumbs up button!!!

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3/7/14 1:21 P


edit: sorry, I can't read.

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3/7/14 1:15 P

Just for the heck of it, even though I'm home today and don't have much in the way of "packed lunch" supplies, I packed up a lunch out of what I've got available. This is what I had

43 grams of leftover chicken (this was all that was left in the fridge)
28 grams of 97% fat free ham (this was all that was left in the package)
28 grams reduced-fat Wheat Thins (only sort-of-whole-grain cold grain, I've got right now-- no bread)
8 oz. milk (it was 2%)
1/2 cup each, green pepper strips and celery sticks
1 small apple

When I went to eat lunch, I took the bag with all my little containers out of the fridge, and started my stop watch when I set the bag on the table (before sitting down). Opened the meat first and stuck a piece in my mouth, while I uncovered all the rest. Note that I didn't need to cut anything; the chicken was bite-size already and I'd rolled the 2 ham slices when I packed them. I ate steadily, but I did not cram things in my mouth, and didn't put the second bite in til I'd chewed and swallowed the first. I ate all the crackers one at a time until I got to the last 2. I was not gobbling down my food, but I was eating a little faster than normal, since I kept looking at the stop watch.

As I finished off whatever was in a container, I put the cover back on and tossed it back in the bag while I was still eating something else. At 9 minutes and 50 seconds, I stuck the last 2 crackers in my mouth, and stood up. Covered the cracker container, took the last sip of milk & covered that container, and tossed them in the bag. The only thing I hadn't eaten was the apple.

Total calories: 391. Carbs/fat/protein: 51% / 17% / 32 % Fat's a tiny bit off, but overall, not bad. I could've tried eating just 1/2 the crackers, and eaten the apple instead. I usually drink water with my lunch but when I was packing up food, I was thinking about "My Plate" so I packed milk. It sort made me thirsty for some water.

While I ate, I did nothing else. No tv, no magazine, no book. No checking emails or texts on my phone, no surfing the net, no phone calls, no playing a game on the phone. There's no one home except me, so obviously, no conversation. I just focused on eating. I'm full and satisfied. If I was working, I'd eat the apple when I got off work and maybe have a couple peanut butter cracker "sandwiches", to take care of that starving feeling before supper.

It CAN be done.

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3/7/14 12:26 P

Everyday I work, I eat a can of Progresso soup (cold- no microwave where I work), a yogurt and a few chunks of apple.....I eat all that in 8 minutes!

sometimes you just have to make do with what you have- it's called LIFE.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
3/7/14 11:52 A

This is the exact same issue (minus the chips) of your other thread, still on the front page.

I'll repeat my advice again - you have 3 opportunities to eat. A proper meal right before work (get there 30 minutes early if you'd like to heat it up and eat slowly), a snack on your break (your yogurt and berries sounds great here), and then a second meal that you can eat immediately after work if you are ravenous and can't wait until you get home.

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3/7/14 10:21 A

If you're not much of a bread eater, try something like pita. Pita bread isn't as heavy as some bread slices can be. Make a pita pocket sandwich using chicken salad, tuna salad, hummus or whatever lean protein filling you want. Add slices of tomato, cucumber, romaine lettuce, onion, maybe a bit of dressing and you're good to go. Two pita pocket sandwiches would be quick to make, easy to eat and very filling.

If you don't want pita, use Lavash style flat bread or maybe make a roll up with wrap bread.

Maybe bring along a granola bar to snack on while you gather the groceries. I'll bet a lot of employees snack on the job.

LARISSA_NY Posts: 200
3/7/14 9:21 A

"Just having a sandwich for lunch is still not going to be enough food, but I guess I need to accept that I'm not going to be able to eat enough food."

I know you thought you were being sarcastic here, but yes, you do need to accept that. You also need to accept the fact that being hungry for a few hours isn't going to kill you.

Look, part of losing weight is eating less. Over time, your body will adapt to eating less food and it won't feel like such a trauma every time you can't have an enormous multi-course lunch. You can either embrace that opportunity or be dragged into it kicking and screaming. If all else fails, bring a Slim-Fast shake. You can chug one of those in under a minute, and if they don't fill you up then you really are a bottomless pit.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/7/14 8:55 A

Well, if Lara bars are your preference, make it a Lara bar. I eat Kind bars.

Since you only have the 10 minutes, you need to eat as much protein dense food (with some fat) in order to help you stay full.

If you can eat the turkey and cheese and the protein bar, and still have a few minutes left over, have a hand full of grapes or berries. If you don't have the time, stick with the first two, and double up on veggies when you get home and make dinner.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
3/7/14 8:31 A

That with a lara bar instead of a protein bar sounds like a good start for a lunch, but it could definitively use a nice serving of fruit and veggies to make it a full meal.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/7/14 8:17 A

Ok - how about turkey breast and cheese rolls (turkey breast and cheese rolled up) and a protein bar?

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
3/7/14 8:03 A

Eelpie- if calories were all that mattered, I would have nuts. But volume is important too, and a sandwich isn't enough food. I am hungry 15 minutes later after eating at Subway. Sandwiches do NOT keep me full.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
3/7/14 8:01 A

A 6 ounce yogurt and thing of berries is a SMALL lunch. It's more of a snack. I did not have enough time to eat it. I guess I can bring a can of tuna (I hate tuna salad) and try to eat the can in less than 4 bites. I have a tuna ball recipe I like, and I can try to eat 3-4 of the little balls at a time rather than eating one at a time.

The trick is eating large enough bites and chewing JUST enough to swallow without choking or gagging. Trying to get in an actual meal in under 10 minutes may mean too quickly.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/7/14 7:54 A

So a 500 calorie protein packed sandwich is less filling than an 8 oz container of yogurt and a hand full of berries?

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
3/7/14 7:50 A

The only way a sandwich fills me is if I eat it slowly and pair it with soup and a salad.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,287
3/7/14 7:48 A

Did I not say tuna salad or chicken salad? Did I say you *have* to put that salad on bread? I'm sorry, but it's time to be pretty blunt here. You appear to be totally absorbed by the problem, and not looking at all for any kind of solution, except for maybe someone saying you ought to quit that job and go to work somewhere that gives you an hour for lunch, and furnishes a microwave up to your standards.

You have a job with certain parameters for a meal break, and the adult response is to figure out how to deal with it, not whine about how it isn't what you *prefer* or ignore the suggestions you've been given, and get all snarky. Maybe jobs in your area are a dime a dozen and you can afford to be super-picky about break times..... but where I live, every job opening gets 60+ applicants, no matter what the job is. And mature, responsible adults will figure out a way to deal with a short meal break, because they need the paycheck.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/7/14 7:37 A

lol...depends on your sandwich now, doesn't it?

We get this oatnut bread - very filling. My dinner last night was a chicken sandwich (left over chicken) buffalo mayo, 2 pieces of cheese.

Talk about filling....way more filling than yogurt and berries!!

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
3/7/14 7:16 A

I don't eat a lot of bread, but I guess I can buy a loaf of Ezekiel bread and start making sandwiches. Just having a sandwich for lunch is still not going to be enough food, but I guess I need to accept that I'm not going to be able to eat enough food.

Or I can do yogurt and blackberries again. I'll just try to eat the container of blackberries in 2 bites since that may be the only way I can finish eating them. Forget actually TASTING the food.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,287
3/7/14 4:27 A

I'd agree totally-- with only 10 minutes, give up the idea of wasting time heating up a lunch. Or laying out an elaborate spread. Keep it simple-- A sandwich, or tuna or chicken salad (prepared at home), or something else where the only "prep" involved at work, is taking the lid off the container. With any side items like vegetables or fruit-- cut it all up in bite-size pieces at home, to pack for work. It's faster to eat it that way. Don't waste time sitting there, peeling an orange. Peel it at home. Only "cleanup" is tossing the containers back in your lunch sack. Don't make it more complicated than it has to be.

I think we'd all love the opportunity for a leisurely lunch, but I don't think most of us have that option. Most of the time when I'm working, the only hot meal I have all day is dinner, when I've got the time to actually cook/ heat up food. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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3/7/14 3:33 A

Yes - PACK SANDWICHES - make them FILLING ones and put them in a plastic bag/container so you don't have to clean those up after you. You CAN do this. Many of us have been in the exact same situation as you, and we have managed. You just need to get out of the mind-set of having to have a 30minutes to an hour to eat, and having to have hot food.


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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/7/14 1:45 A

Pack a cold lunch, saves time heating and/or waiting in line for the microwave. Sandwich, wrap, grain-based salad... something like that. Or reviews the suggestions previously given to you on your "Grocery Store Temptations" thread.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
3/7/14 12:40 A

I recently started a new job at a local grocery store. I spend 5-6 hours per day shopping for grocery items that people order online (walking, lifting heavy items, bending, twisting, etc).

Because I only work 6 hours most days, I only get a 15 minute break (if I get one at all. I've missed my break twice this week.) This is all the time I have to use the restroom, heat up a packed lunch, eat, clean up, and get back to work.

I prefer eating a few larger meals, and 15 minute break isn't much time for me to eat. Today, I had a Fage Fruyo Classic yogurt (whole milk yogurt), an organic string cheese, and a few blackberries. I didn't have time to eat much more than that.

Unfortunately, my work hours are around 11am to 6pm on average (with a couple later days.) I do eat breakfast in the morning, but at around 10am before I leave for work, I'm not hungry enough to eat before work.

I basically have traded in my lunch for a small snack which doesn't allow me to get the volume I need to feel full.

By the time I get home, I am STARVING, and I have little to no energy to cook a healthy meal. To complicate things, being on my feet for more than 30 hours a week is leading to some problems. I can barely stand after work, so doing a lot of cooking is a challenge (but I have figured out some ideas for that).

Any suggestions for fitting a real lunch into 10 minutes of eating time?

Some ideas of lunches I will eat when I have time to eat:

Chicken apple sausage, at least 1 cup of roasted broccoli and green beans, roasted sweet potato with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, and 1/2 a cup of fruit (if I have space in my lunch container).

Tuna balls made with canned tuna (5 oz can, drained), cottage cheese (5 oz), 1 egg, mustard, and diced carrots and celery, steamed veggies, fruit.

Grilled cheese on ezekiel bread with butternut squash soup and a salad made of arugula, toasted almonds, shaved parmesan, golden raisins, olive oil, and lemon juice.

Nitrate-free ham, and sliced cheese on whole grain rice crackers, raw veggies, fresh fruit

Homemade hummus, whole wheat pita, raw veggies (for dipping).

I also enjoy deviled eggs and ants on a log (celery, peanut butter, and raisins) for lunches as well).

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