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VRAS13 Posts: 3
7/9/10 1:14 A

Just happened to read your reply as I was browsing something I really needed to look at today! Glad you put the reference up. Helped me undersstand more about calorie intake and outtake. Thank you and God bless!

BETHANYBOO Posts: 2,039
7/8/10 11:43 P

No, the opposite is true. As you get older, your calorie needs decrease as your body gets more efficient. Teenagers require MORE calories. And if she's not finished developing, I would imagine that she would need more calories for that as well.

Perhaps she should join spark teens?

7/8/10 11:24 P

So even if she is just lying around watching tv all day she still needs the calories? and she is only 15 so would 1200 is for an adult wouldnt hers be lower?

CSIENK Posts: 6,724
7/8/10 10:11 P

This is definitely NOT healthy. She should be eating at least 1200 calories a day for her body to get what it needs.

Maybe you could get her to read this article. If you scroll down, there's a section on Starvatin Mode.

J2740LOU SparkPoints: (325,246)
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Posts: 3,775
7/8/10 10:06 P

If you eat less that what is recommended for your height and weight to reach your goal weight, your body goes into a "starvation/survival mode which reduces your metabolism. That is not a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off. I am 5'3" and my range was between 1290 - 1500. I also do cardio and strength training. It has never been a "diet", I never felt deprived or starved. It has been a life style change that I can live with for the rest of my life. I have lost 41 pounds to reach my goal weight. It may have taken me 8 months, but I have kept it off 2 years. I went from a size 10 - 12 to a size 4 - 6.

7/8/10 10:06 P

Teenagers have different caloric needs than adults - my impression is that a teenager's calories should be higher than an adults not lower.

And food is not the only thing that contributes to obesity in children. Exercise is instrumental in developing a healthy lifestyle and healthy adult.

Your sister and you should dig a bit deeper into what is a recommended caloric intake for teenagers and she should definitely get moving

7/8/10 9:47 P

So Aliza my little sister has got to where she is tracking EVERYTHING she eats on a different website is 15 and like 5'3-5'4 and the site is telling her to eat 958 calories a day and she is not active at all so I can understand that this sounds correct. Is this healthy for her? will it help her lose weight? and she has also started going below it (like today she only had like 500 or 650 calories but she slept all day) emoticon

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