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FLAGLINDA Posts: 501
8/12/13 11:17 P

Thanks Dancemom and Wildkat! Dancemom you look great! I am amazed that you lost 100lbs!!! What a wonderful achievement! emoticon Congratulations! I will think of you when I get lazy and not want to work out! Thank you for such inspiration!

DANCEMOM1970 SparkPoints: (44,190)
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Posts: 185
8/12/13 12:13 P

Good job!

WILDKAT781 SparkPoints: (183,705)
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Posts: 9,100
8/11/13 12:20 P


FLAGLINDA Posts: 501
8/11/13 11:42 A

Wow! I was just thinking the same thing. I took the grandkids to the movie yesterday and I was worried, but I got them their popcorn and candy and drinks and I got nothing!!! I was so proud of myself!! We go to the movies a lot so knowing that I will not be craving popcorn is great. The best part is I didn't feel deprived because if I did I wouldn't have lasted through the movie. emoticon for us!!

BEWELL48 Posts: 2,881
8/10/13 10:19 P

Good for you! emoticon

REDNBLUE27 SparkPoints: (203)
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8/10/13 8:26 P

My fiance and I went to see Red 2 last night and I was planning on making some popcorn before we left and bringing it in my purse instead of buying it there but of course we were in a rush and I forgot to pop it so we arrived at the theater and my fiance doesn't like to eat anything at the movies so he was all set however I'm the opposite but I did good I didn't get any popcorn or soda and we went to watch the movie. I did end up having some lollipops in my purse so I took one out and just had that and I forgot about my craving for popcorn.

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