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4/16/14 1:27 P

maybe try mini meal type things if you are where you can eat at a desk see if that helps

4/16/14 12:15 P

Between 3.45 pm and 10.30 pm is nearly 7 hours! That is a loooong time to go without food.
I wonder if you can still eat a large snack or a meal in between those times?
I'd also look for healthy foods / snacks to have right after you get off work before you ride home. This way you will not build up such a huge hunger and can have a normal or light meal at night. I hope you don't have to go to sleep very soon after you return home and have your meal.

Things you could take with you to have in between the lunch break and your arrival home: fruit, nuts, maybe a salad in a container with for example leafy greens, beans, tomatoes, other vegetables. Or a bean salad. Carrots. Maybe a container with yoghurt, or cottage cheese, and some oats or healthy cereal and frozen fruits (the fruit thawing keeps the yoghurt cool).
At night after you come home I would have things like vegetable soup, vegetable stew - you can prepare a big pan of soup or stew in advance, for example in the weekend - with rice or potatoes. (I'm a vegetarian so I don't have meat).

I really think it's important to have something to eat in between and/or before you get on the bike, to not let yourself get terribly hungry because that would probably increase the chances of overeating once you do get home.

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4/16/14 12:05 P

There's no need not to eat at night, if that's what concerns you. Of course your hungry after hours without food and so much exercise. I would eat a normal dinner and not worry about it.

Unless the concern is eating more than a normal dinner at that time, or that you eat so much earlier you feel you don't have the calories left to do so? Maybe you could say if that's so.

MARK81ADAMS Posts: 13
4/16/14 11:41 A

I am looking for suggestions. My work schedule has changed and now I get a lunch break at 3:45 in the afternoon but don't get off work until 9:30 pm. After riding my bicycle home (a 8 mile trek) I get home at 10:30 at night starved. In the past I would never eat after 7 pm but I feel I really need to eat when I get home. Are there any suggestions on what I could eat at night that will curb my hunger and not add to many calories before going to sleep? I am really struggling with this and it has really hurt my efforts.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
Mark Adams

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