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CANADA-DISCO19 Posts: 168
8/3/12 9:31 A

Thank you, walksinlight! I'm feeling a lot better. My eating ability has improved although I still eat soft foods and eat very slowly (which is a good thing for weight loss lol) :)

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8/2/12 3:19 P

Hello Disco,

I hope that you are doing better now and that your brain surgery was a huge success - are you getting feeling back now? How is everything going?

CANADA-DISCO19 Posts: 168
8/2/12 2:47 P

I recently ha brain surgery that damaged my nerves and affected my ability to chew and i agree with walksinlight about a juicer- makes it super easy to get your frut and veggie servings for the day! You can absolutely purée anything-when I was in the hospital they would feed me puréed steak, veggies, mashed potatoes, shepherds pie, etc. try making puréed soups, like black bean, butternut squash and carrot. It's definitely worth the time and effort to eat well, rather than relying on easy but not so healthy foods like ice cream and pudding. Good luck!! :)

STARGAZER420 Posts: 114
8/2/12 1:48 P

I was given a dose of Halcion and had all of the top teeth pulled and 6 on the bottom. I was given an immediate denture and bottom partial. I was supposed to go back today to have them take the denture and partial out and check my gums, but they had to reschedule it for tomorrow. Surprisingly, my eyes and cheekbones up really high hurt the most. My mom said it was from them removing the 'eye teeth'.

I'm really looking forward to being able to take these things out of my mouth, they're leaving a bad taste/smell in my mouth. Reminds me of hard boiled eggs, yuck!

I think the dentures need to be adjusted because my bite is off. When I try to bite my teeth together the only ones that touch are the very back ones on the right side. If I use any pressure to get the other teeth to meet it wiggles the denture out of place. Hopefully this can be fixed when I go in tomorrow.

All in all, so far it isn't as bad as I'd expected~!

Thanks for being so supportive!

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8/2/12 9:42 A

Hey there Stargazer, glad to hear that you are not feeling too sore today. Boost was a good idea because it is balanced nutrition and it tastes good too. You probably won't feel very hungry for a while (BONUS !). Fat free chicken broth or beef broth is a great next step

What did they do to you?

STARGAZER420 Posts: 114
8/2/12 5:39 A

Had the surgery yesterday. I'm sore, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. I have yet to try and eat anything, but I drank a Boost earlier and it wasn't so bad~!

7/17/12 12:05 A

Sorry to hear about your surgeries! I'm actually in dental school and learning to make dentures right now and one of our teachers just had his jaw broken (surgically) and realigned to fix some orthodontic problems. His jaw is wired shut, so more limited than you guys are/will be. He's been making things like stew and blending them into a puree. Pretty much anything you can put in a slow cooker can be broken down and still taste good. He also drinks protein shakes throughout the day at school.

Hope all works out with your prosthetics!

STARGAZER420 Posts: 114
7/16/12 10:37 P

Had impressions done today, and I'm scheduled for surgery August 1st. I must say I'm nervous, but I know it will be better when it's over~!

7/13/12 3:29 P

Cream of wheat, chicken and stars soup, and slim fast

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7/12/12 10:37 P

Boost high protein drink is a great balanced meal - especially when you do not actually feel like eating (believe it or not, the first couple of days may find you with a low appetite).
I have taken to making smoothies from bananas and seasonal fruits (breakfast), I get protein lunch time by drinking Fat free chicken broth and if you make some really smooth mashed potatoes, you can mix a little in to the broth and hopefully still be able to drink it through a straw if that is what you are going to need.
Be careful not to fall into the milk shake trap, they can be so good but are usually so very bad for a diet - a couple of milk shakes can easily use your entire food allowance for the day!
You may want to invest in a juicer as opposed to simply a blender, depending on how long you are going to have to drink through a straw.
As for me, I was able to semi-chew some frozen corn and peas gently cooked - good quality vegetables meant that I was able to at least squash them between my teeth if not properly chew them completely - tomorrow (Friday) is exactly a week since my surgery so I think that I am doing pretty well even if I do get frustrated at times.
Today I simmered some finely chopped spinach, squash and herbs in chicken broth, then used a blender to blend out the lumps - that made a great lunch.
Use your imagination and see what you can come up with as the fancy takes you.
Good luck and keep us updated on the surgery - we care ! Will let you know if I think of anything else

STARGAZER420 Posts: 114
7/12/12 7:52 P

I'm still unsure of the date of my surgery, but it should be within a few weeks. I'm wanting to pre-plan my meals but I'm having trouble getting a good balance.

Would anyone like to make up a sample day of liquids that would be a good nutritional balance??

STARGAZER420 Posts: 114
7/11/12 3:30 A

I'm definitely scared about the learning to talk and eat again part~!

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7/10/12 3:21 P

Hey there Stargazer - keep us up to date on that and we will all be with you. I had all of my teeth out and bone reduction on my upper jaw, used to graft to my lower jaw. My teeth have been replaced with dentures held by implants and I am so very, very happy with the results. Just FYI, I expected to experience a lot of pain and was amazed at how painless (relatively) it was - of course I was sedated throughout (over 7 hours) and had some strong pain meds after the surgery but the next day I only used prescription strength Ibuprofen, then the next day I was down to a couple of doses of OTC ibuprofen then nothing !

Now it is just a matter of learning to talk and learning to eat again ;)

7/10/12 1:31 P

Tuna (w/ Light mayo)
Cottage Cheese (Low-fat)
Refried Beans (Low-fat)
Applesauce (No sugar added/sugar-free)
Scrambled Eggs (Egg whites)
Gelatin (No sugar added/sugar-free)
Frozen Yogurt (Low-fat)

Good Luck!

STARGAZER420 Posts: 114
7/10/12 1:10 P

I will be having oral surgery in a month or so to have all but 6 teeth removed and get dentures. I guess I'd better start planning my smoothies now!

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7/10/12 12:43 P

thank you all for the tips - I actually had not thought about the sodium in the Progresso soup and had not thought about just using a blender to mush a meal - great idea. My husband did make a smoothie for me on day 2 after surgery but he put ice cream and such in it so that was not too healthful.

As far as appetite goes, my appetite has always been too healthy so I am enjoying the fact that I am not eating so much at a time - hopefully my stomach will shrink a bit and I will continue to eat smaller meals. I know that, for me, 4 smaller meals each day work much better than the normal 3 meals a day.

thanks for your support and help, I really appreciate it.

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7/10/12 12:39 P

Bear in mind that the healing from it may reduce your appetite somewhat. When I had my wisdom tooth out (just 1) I lost 5 lbs. because I couldn't eat as much! The recovery totally killed my appetite.

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7/10/12 12:26 P

you can put anything in a food processor and make it soft enough without chewing. I broke my face once and had to eat through a straw for quite some time. It doesn't look that good but it will fill you and satisfy you once you get sick of yogurt and mashed potatoes....An believe me you will get sick of it fast!

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7/10/12 12:17 P

Can you make smoothies? There's an endless variety of smoothies that can be made with fresh fruits and veggies, that will give you all the benefits without the painful chewing.

Did your post-op papers include a diet list of foods that were appropriate? Those soups are super high in sodium... I love Progresso soups, but I had to stop eating them because the sodium intake was killing me, and the flavor of the low-sodium versions was just horrendous.

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7/10/12 12:14 P

I had oral surgery a couple of days ago -now I have to 'learn to eat' all over again because of full mouth implants. At the moment (day 4 after surgery) I am mostly eating yoghurt (great because of the anti-biotics) and Progresso Light Soups. I have also been drinking high protein Boost and have had some mashed potatoes and gravy.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to get back to a 'normal' diet of lots of fruit and veggies (which I love), while I am still learning how to eat/chew. I am finding it very difficult to eat anything that actually needs chewing at the moment and want to get back on track and lose a couple of pounds and be healthy enough to exercise properly again.

thanks !

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