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1/17/10 1:35 A

You might check out Sparks info on eating out at a chinese restaurant at

The only down side to it is if you are not in the US and eat at Chinese Restaurants, the info and cals are different then what SP has listed in that section.

PIXIEDUST22 Posts: 1,245
1/16/10 11:06 P

When I go to chinese restaurants, I always order my sauce on the side, and just dip my fork in. It's hard to estimate calories at those places, but the online estimates I've seen for brown sauce aren't too bad so that's what I usually get.

I do order my veggies steamed too, and usually order chicken instead of beef or pork. I avoid anything labeled "crispy", order brown rice when possible instead of white and avoid the noodles. And fortune cookies are surprisingly low-cal, and low fat so I always treat myself to one of those too!

At Japanese restaurants, sashimi is a great way to go.

SMILEYFACE90 Posts: 52
1/16/10 10:41 P

My family goes to Asian restaurants a lot, but I never know what the healthier options would be. I know to get things that are grilled or steamed, but in terms of sauces, which are best (ex: sesame sauce, black bean sauce, brown sauce, szechuan sauce, curry sauce, etc.)

Any other suggestions for when I'm at an asian restaurant?

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