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9/6/11 11:25 P

I'm in college too!

I don't chop fruit because it takes too much time in the morning. I usually pack: apples, bananas, peaches etc.

I also buy a huge bag of frozen veggies (with no salt) and add a serving to my breakfast and dinner. (not time for chopping too)

A peanut butter sandwich doesn't need to be refrigerated! Or buy tuna pouches and just pack bread and/or lettuce.

If you are going to buy something buy a george foreman grill!! A chicken breast takes 10 minutes. Meanwhile, that cooks, I steam veggies and reheat brown rice.

Good luck!

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9/6/11 10:41 P

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap - it's just been one of those days and I'm tired/stressed out. I'll feel better after a decent night's sleep.

I'll try and run down there tomorrow before work and see if I can grab one or I'll see if Mom knows if we have one around. I'm going to start trying to make my food the night before or the morning of if I don't work until after lunch (like tomorrow).

Thanks, guys. :) I really appreciate it.

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9/6/11 10:31 P

You should be able to get a crock pot at any Target or Walmart, or anywhere that sells small kitchen appliances. I don't think I've ever seen them in the grocery store. I also get low fat cheese at Target or Walmart--it's much less expensive there than it is at the grocery.

I don't think anyone meant to belittle your schedule. I know I didn't. I just think it's important to realize that making a healthy meal doesn't necessarily mean cooking a main course plus a couple side dishes. It can take 10 minutes and be as simple as making a sandwich or heating up some beans and rice.

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9/6/11 9:06 P

I suggest a cookbook, like:
Meals in Minutes
Lickity Split Meals

Also I think you need to stock up on some healthier frozen dinners, add a side salad and some fruit....rounds out to a pretty healthy meal.

Dietitian Becky

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9/6/11 8:02 P

It's more like... -counts- 8 hours of class (four classes are online), probably 20-25 hours a week of homework/outlining chapters/assignments (maybe more?), 10 hours of research (will fluctuate based on what I need to get done)...transport time is annoying as well... (45 minutes to and from school, etc).

Anyways. Trivialities are trivialities and I nitpick.

I actually do think I'm doing a good job of getting my act together..this is the first time I've ever worked and gone to school at the same time. I was just worried about adding even more stress/focusing to the mix. I know I sound petty compared to the people that work five jobs a week or whatever, but this is new for me and it's difficult. Sorry - I really do sound petty and I'll get it to shut up now.

I guess it does mean that once I'm done with homework tonight I'll be sloughing it out to make food for tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some protein shakes for breakfast to try and make things as quick and easy as possible. I'll check your food blogs to see what I can find. :) Thanks for the ideas.

Where would I find a crock pot? Just like the grocery store or something? I've only seen one before and I don't think my family has ever owned one. I need to try and find some low-fat cheddar. It's like impossible to track down here...I will start chopping up some fruit and bagging it to take with. Thinking of mixing it in a container to have a medley of sorts for variety.

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9/6/11 7:33 P

I agree. You have to figure out how to fit healthy eating into your schedule, and it doesn't always necessarily mean making and freezing a bunch of different meals on Sundays.

Here are some ideas: focus less on cooking and more on finding healthy meals that you can throw together quickly. Sandwiches are great for lunch or dinner--try turkey, tuna, hummus, pb &j, whatever you like. Quesadillas are also easy--use small tortillas and low fat cheese and they're healthy too. Frozen veggies are cheap and easy to prepare, just zap them in the microwave or boil in a tiny bit of water for a few minutes. Buy some fruit that is easy to take on the go--apples, bananas, pears, etc. It's also easy to buy lean ground beef or turkey and form into individual patties and then freeze. You can have a burger made in like 5 minutes. Chicken breasts or thighs also freeze well, though they need to be defrosted and cook for a bit longer in the oven. It might also be worth it to invest in a crock pot--they're pretty cheap and will allow you to cook a week's worth of food with minimal prep time.

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9/6/11 7:14 P

I'm sure lots of people will come on here with kind, supportive words, but my message is different. My message is that you need to get your act together. Eighteen semester credits is what... eighteen hours of classes a week? Plus twenty-five hours of work? That's forty-three hours a week. Add in ten hours a week of project work and that's fifty-three hours a week... out of a possible one hundred and sixty-eight. Less than a third of your week. When you leave school and enter the workforce it's likely you'll still be working fifty- or sixty-hour weeks while you get your foot in the door and make a good first impression. Life isn't going to get easier, it's going to get harder, and you need to learn how to manage your time AND your health... NOW. If you show some maturity and develop the good habits now, you won't be a fifty-year-old woman coming onto Spark (by then it will probably be embedded in a chip in our brains or something) and asking, "How did I let myself get to this point?"

There have been lots of threads in the past few days about preparing snacks that don't require a fridge or a microwave. Check them out. I posted a list of my favorite food blogs in my own Spark Blog the other day... you can also get lots of good recipes from those sites.

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9/6/11 3:44 P

So I know I should be positive and all..but the thought of staying up late after spending five hours doing homework just to make food for the next day makes my immature 21-year-old self want to throw a tantrum.

Currently I attend school full-full-time (18 semester credits) and work between 15-25 hours a week. I'm also working on a huge research project that eventually my boss would like me to publish. That takes 5-10 hours a week or so (like right now, I should be working on the grant...minor details). I'm often up until 11PM working on homework and my dog wakes me up at 6AM. Occasionally I get to nap until 8AM, but when I start exercising, that time will go out the window due to shower/exercise/etc. Blech. Just as a note, also, my work is in social services dealing with foster children whose parents lost them - so that adds an emotional stress issue to that, too - thus the crayzee in my post title. Yay crayzee parents.

I work six days a week and often the seventh (Sunday) is spent doing catch-up for whatever wasn't gotten to. I don't have tons of time to be cooking massive meals on that one day. I seriously need to get my eating under control. I know I could force myself to do it but...blergh. It's so much work and I'm so tired already. Due to financial issues and whatnot, I can't afford to buy a bunch of totally healthy food every week - we're financially strapped as it is to the point my Mom is having emotional breakdowns about every week or so (those are stressful too).

I'm trying to avoid all/most stress since it's caused emotional breakdowns on my part too. Theoretically, I'll start tonight - I only "hopped back" on the bandwagon today after I had already gotten to school, so it's hard to make food now when I have no access to it.

I'm looking at getting some protein shakes (or making some) for breakfast (since I tend to skip that meal), bringing chopped up bananas/apples/watermelon/strawberries as snacks, but since I often spend all day at either work or school, I need good ideas for lunch/dinner that won't be ruined by sitting in a bag or a container for 6 hours + since I often pull days that are 10-12 hours in length.

Sorry for the lengthy post.

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