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BARBAKOAR Posts: 328
8/18/12 8:22 A

MLAN613, Fish shouldnt really smell if its fresh, you could try some less smelling fishes like cod for example..

my skin will be of in future..ha

MLAN613 Posts: 19,241
8/18/12 8:18 A

I rarely eat fish because I can't stand the smell. If I do, the skin is OFF.

BARBAKOAR Posts: 328
8/18/12 6:38 A

Thanks, yeah your right as a treat...

just read some shocking facts on farmed salmon and especially farmed salmon skin, basically all the badness is stored there..and heres me wolfing it down..haha....suppose to eat farmed salmon not very oftern apparently...grrr

ORANG_INDONESIA SparkPoints: (0)
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8/18/12 6:12 A

I can't usually stand fish skin but in no way is it as bad as chicken skin.

I usually steam my fish and the skin is off before it reaches the plate.

Go for it as a treat.

BARBAKOAR Posts: 328
8/18/12 2:49 A

Was wondering if people eat the skin on salmon or other fish.. tried for the first time last night and it was to die for ..smothered in course black pepper before tasted so good and fatty, and now I know its a healthy fat, but should it really be removed .. now im talking calories not pollutions in the skin from farming etc...and just wondered what others opinion was on eating the skin..

or if anyone knows calorie content


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