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6/19/14 12:12 P

Not sure who or if anyone will read this but I still want to share that so far this week 4 days into the eating cleaner and healthier...I've lost 2 lbs! It's crazy, I didn't expect results this fast.

I've been eating more fruits and oatmeal for breakfast, more protein and veggies, and staying away from carbs at night. :)

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6/17/14 12:42 P

Hi there!

KIMBAJL: I'm glad you want to join in this board! Congrats on losing those 65 lbs wow!
I really do think that by cutting out most carbs and doing a higher protein diet, you'll easily lose those 10 lbs.

JGTHIELEN: I feel you, it's the same for me! And I'm also looking to lose 20 lbs, so let's do this!

I'm wondering if we should post here every day what we've been eating or maybe a few times a week how we've been doing, what do you guys think??

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6/17/14 11:34 A

This has been my biggest struggle for losing weight I am really good at holding myself accountable for my work outs, but I do very good at making up excuses for why I am eating less healthy meals than I should be!
I have started tracking my food (every thing I eat, not just the main meals like I was before) and am hoping this will hold my accountable, and I will finally be able to lose these last 20 lbs before me and my friends go on vacation to Mexico in January of 2015!

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6/17/14 11:29 A

Hello! This is a great idea for a group. I'm trying to do something similar myself...cut down if not completely out the carbs and eat a high protein diet. I did Medi Weight Loss a few years ago and lost 65 pounds on it and have gained back only 10 but I want to take that 10 off again. :)

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6/16/14 1:14 P

Hello there!

I'm new to the site, and I joined because I need some type of accountability board where I can post what I eat every day to stay motivated. I will start this week with cutting out processed foods especially carbs and sweets. I will try to stick with veggies, fruits, protein (chicken, fish, eggs) and water/tea/occasional coffee. Of course try to stick with portion control and exercise at least 3x a week.

Today is 6/16/14 and my goal is to lose 22 lbs in about 3 months. :)

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