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6/18/12 10:25 A

I've been where you are... I was actually in the 120's and 130's and would still have days where I'd sit down and eat a whole pizza... What are you doing before you sit down and eat this much? I found that distractors were huge for me. It was hard but I made myself put on my running shoes (or get up and go to the gym) every time I felt the urge to over-eat. Even if I'd already worked out that day. Sometimes just getting out of the house and walking would work... Point is, start training yourself to IMMEDIATELY get up and do something else the minute you start to reach for food in excess...

Hope this helps and stay strong!!!

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6/18/12 10:13 A

Ok...I'd double check that if your 130lbs. Did this just start ...this 5000 calorie revelation?
A - You must have super high metabolism
B - Your not tracking your calories correctly (like some people have pointed out)

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6/17/12 6:40 A


What have you been eating that adds up to 5,000 calories a day ? Do you have problems with binge eating ? If so, have you read any of the Spark articles on emotional eating ? Binging is a very complex problem with no easy solution. It's not about the food. Some emotional stress is causing you to eat. So, you have to start evaluating what is going on in your life that is causing you to over eat.

Are you having problems at work, home, school, family or relationship ? Having family or financial problems would certainly cause a person to turn to food for comfort. If you're under a lot of stress, then you need to find ways to decrease that stress so that you aren't turning to food for emotional satisfaction.

Would you be willing to tell us a bit more about yourself ? Right now, we don't know anything about you. So, it's impossible for us to answer your question. The more we know, the more helpful we can be.

For now, you might want to read some of the spark articles on emotional eating.

6/17/12 12:03 A

You're 130 pounds? Are you exercising a lot too? What does SP say that you should be eating when you track both your exercise and your food? If there is a big discrepancy, I would look for trouble spots - snacks for example and work on one trouble spot at a time.

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6/16/12 10:49 P

Help me please! I have been eating way too much every day. I just really need help. I am more worried about my physical and mental health than weight gain. Please..someone help me!

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