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11/14/13 3:47 P

Quality nutrition is important, but exercise will make you healthier whether you lose weight or not.

30 minutes of Moderate exercise most days of the week, is necessary for your health - not just for weight loss. It improves mood, concentration, memory, and reduces risk factors for ALL lifestyle-related health issues such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Exercise reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety, increases longevity, and improves everything from your sex drive to your complexion. It also increases your confidence and motivation to stick to other lifestyle changes, such as eating healthy and using portion control.

An overweight person who exercises regularly has lower risk of long-term disease, than a skinny person who never exercises. Start now, do something today, even if it is 10 minutes of marching in place or a few crunches during TV commercials.

Regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet is far more important than exact calorie count.

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11/14/13 2:20 P

ALWAYS eat your exercise calories back..... Exercising allows u to eat more. I do this and still lose weight-

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11/14/13 1:56 P

ASIYAM - if you enter all of your info into Spark (current weight, goal weight and date, activity and exercise level), the calorie range it computed for you will INCLUDE the activity/exercise you told it you were going to do. So, you don't need to do any more calculating---just track your eating and try to get within as many of your ranges each day as you can. Do the exercise according to plan, and you should see weight loss. Once you get back to LA, if things really change that significantly, edit your info in spark and see if it gives you a differrent range.

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11/14/13 9:02 A

So if I'm eating 1,400-1,500 cals and I burn 150. I don't need to eat them back? Bu I can if I want to?

Yes you're right, I find myself saying "tomorrow" instead of "today"

LEITEIT Posts: 107
11/14/13 8:39 A

I agree we do not have to eat back the calories we burn in exercise. But sure we can eat just a little bit more if we really feel the hunger burn. It is natural when you do some really hard working out, but just do not exceed and try to keep the calories numbers adequate to your weight loss.

And about exercising... There is always a way to do it at home, work or anywhere. We are just too good tat making up excuses and being lazy (myself included). It is something we need to work on.

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11/14/13 8:31 A

I used different online calculators and one said I would have to eat about 1,500 some calories while exercising 3-5 times a day. I do have a treadmill at home and will be buying some weights. I had been running everyday on a low 800 cal diet until I was informed that I was hurting my health. So just yesterday I started to eat 1,200 cal. And exercised 10 minutes and my daily goal on SP increased to 1,310. So I ate something to reach my goal for that day. I'm just so new to this I could use help on how much more I should eat with about 25-30 mins a day of exercise (and what I should do during that period like 20 minute running at what intensity 15 minute lifting) and how much call I should intake for that and what I should do overtime

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11/14/13 6:58 A

"But if I wanted to exercise, say, 500 cals a day, I would have to eat at least 1,800 cals."

-Not necessarily, you don't have to "eat back" what you burn. If you are overweight/obese, the safe amount to lose is 1-2 lbs per week or a -500 to -1000 cal deficit from the calories required to maintain your weight. ***As long as that doesn't cause you to go below 1200 cals. I personally don't even like the 1200 cal minimum because that is assuming the woman is eating nutrient dense foods and balanced food groups. I've also found in personal experience (as a woman who exercises) that whenever I dropped that low after 2-3 weeks my weight loss would stall out until I started eating more around 1400-1500 cals.

Why would you not be able to get out bed because of the weather? I'm not sure I understand... and just because you can't go outside, doesn't mean you can't exercise or stay active in the house. There are plenty of workout videos available here at Spark, you may find some on youtube, rent them from your local library or purchase your own. For activity, if you are stuck indoors you can clean, organize, cook, get up and walk or jog in place during commercial breaks while watching tv, etc. If there is a will, there is a way. Exercise and activity are not just about weight loss, it's about health! A sedentary life can lead to all sorts of health issues.

I don't like to look at exercise/activity for weight loss, it's about my health. How many calories I eat is related to whether I lose weight, maintain or gain weight.

I guess it depends on your current physical capabilities. You should consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program. It is always better to introduce exercise slowly when you are not used to it. This could be starting with 10-20 mins of cardio once a day or a few times a week and increasing the duration weekly in 10 minute increments.

I'm not quite sure how to answer your final question. I believe the best lifestyle would be the one *you* can see yourself living and maintaining for the long haul and beyond weight loss. Introducing exercise and more activity to your lifestyle should be a gradual process if you expect to be successful at maintaining these changes. You'll figure out what lifestyle suits you best through your own weight loss journey, it will be one that you are happy maintaining.

There are many factors that will affect how active an individual is and how much/intensely they exercise. I personally exercise at a higher fitness level and regularly and try to stay active during the day as well. I'm small but have to eat quite a high number of calories to both lose and maintain my weight. This is not necessarily a decision for "better results". I learned if I don't keep myself busy, I grow bored and I eat and suffer depression. I'm much happier when I stay busy. My mood improves and I have less aches/pains when I go for a hike rather than sitting and watching TV. I also have three young children and an active husband that keep me on the move. Exercising and weight lifting has become a hobby of mine, it makes me feel good, it helps me to be more physically fit and it keeps me healthy.

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11/14/13 6:51 A

The situation is a little more complex than just "adding back exercise calories".

The recommendation about 1200 calories is only partly because of energy. Your body needs certain amounts of carbs, fats and proteins to be healthy, and its hard to get these below 1200 calories. It depends on your personal circumstances, but 1200 may still cover moderate levels of exercise (eg. 100-200 calories per day). At higher levels of exercise, you almost certainly will need to eat more to support that level of activity.

Fortunately, Spark will take care of all of this for you. Just set up your Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page) to reflect what you think your activity levels will be on a sustainable basis, and Spark will recommend an intake level appropriate for your needs (based on sound nutritional principles).

Even if exercising more and eating more are the same from a weight loss perspective as not exercising and eating less, you are still much better off with including exercise:
* exercise has very significant health and fitness benefits, lowering blood pressure and heart disease, reducing your risk of diabetes and a range of cancers.
* not all of your weight loss comes from fat alone - up to 25% of your weight loss can come from lost muscle rather than fat. Including exercise in your program helps maintain your existing muscle, and results in more fat loss. As muscle is considerably denser than fat, this results in more lost inches for the same number of lost pounds.


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11/14/13 12:48 A

You should get at least small amounts of exercise everyday..even if its just walking up and down the stairs a few times.

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11/13/13 8:25 P

At least a little movement everyday is good for everybody, especially if you plan on moving back to LA where you will be moving around a lot more. If you don't start increasing slowly and then just start going you could possibly hurt yourself

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11/13/13 6:46 P

I think it is imperative that you get your body moving! Even walking around the house, doing cleaning, or even just jogging in place will greatly improve your health, especially if you are being sedentary.

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11/13/13 6:06 P

I had been confused for so long and now I THINK I get it..

So 1,200 cals a day is for a woman who typically doesn't get much movement.
But if I wanted to exercise, say, 500 cals a day, I would have to eat at least 1,800 cals.

So far I'd consider myself sedentary because I've been in the suburbs of Chicago, and the weather has been quite bad to even move out of the bed.
Until I move BACK to Los Angeles where I will be moving around 5x than I do here, where I can atleast eat 1,400-1,700 cals (I move around in LA a lot more than I do here)

Also will making such a drastic move of 1,200 to 1,700 (with exercise) affect my lifestyle and mess with my weight if I do lose some with 1,200 a day sedentary?

But, if I was to exercise with my 1,200 cal diet- I would need to refill those calories I lost..correct?

Btw, which lifestyle is better..1,200 sedentary or 1,400+ with adequate amount of exercise. Which provides the best results and which lifestyle is most suitable for you?

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