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Rochelle, can you enter your day's worth of food into your nutrition tracker in advance? That way, you will know where you could possibly add more. A great place to get more calories is in drinking your food - smoothies, milk, 100% fruit or vegetable juices - they all add calories without chewing! Nuts and seeds are another source of high calories, but the fat content is also pretty high here, so try to limit your servings to one portion. The fat content in nuts and seeds is the good kind for your body, but it's still not good to go over your fat range for the day.

I am including a link to a great article, that can explain things, and possibly give you more tips:

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I am new again, I started last year and then quit, and trying again. I have a slow metabolism and find it hard to eat as much as I'm suppose to. I am not an overeater, just don't eat enough throuhout the day, breakfast in the morning is the worst. Any suggestions? I really want to lose the pounds and be a healthier eater. Please help.

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