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NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,928
4/7/14 4:01 P

I second the opinion that you didn't leave yourself enough calories to get sufficient fat and protein. Both of those are essential, which carbs are not. One day like this won't send you into malnutrition, but it's something to keep an eye on.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/7/14 9:23 A

Carbs themselves don't cause weight gain. They may be slightly easier to digest, so slightly lower your metabolism, since the body doesn't have to burn as much energy to digest milk, as it does to digest a chicken thigh.

Where carbs really become a problem is when they cause hunger.. either as a trigger food, or by rapidly spiking blood sugar, and causing a crash soon afterwards as Insulin is released in great quantities. Basically the rapidity of what you digest can cause this to happen, and when you have low blood sugar.. you get hungry.. and eat EXTRA calories.

So if you didn't eat any extra, it doesn't matter whether you ate fat, carbs, or protein.. you ate the right amount of calories. Personally, I think 150 g is a great goal, but as long as you don't have cravings, and carbs cause you to overeat, they aren't a problem.

Low carb doesn't cause weight loss because carbs are bad, and we need to avoid them. It causes weight loos, because our eating is out of control, and low carb removes trigger foods, and stabilizes blood sugars, and gives us control back. The only reason I lose weight, is because I eat the proper amount of calories to do so. If you can do this without low carb, then low carb isn't necessary. Enjoy 150 g a day, and if you have a 260 g day every so often, without cravings, don't fret.

You might try to get more of your carbs from healthier sources, but that would mainly be to get adequate nutrition. On 150 grams of carbs, you can easily get 10-15 servings of veggies, some beans, nuts, cheeses, and some fruit as a base, and also enjoy higher glycemic carbs as well, like sweet potatoes. You can choose to get 150 gram from Fritos and white rice, or quinoa and vegetables. How you get to 150 grams a day matters.

I would still suggest that you stay to 150 g, even though you don't have any issues today. Just know that you are able to have more some days, and limit how often you do so, and hopefully you will never need to lower carbs below 150 g, because of some disease from eating too many carbs.

As far as weight loss though, other than small variations.. if you are eating the correct calories, you will lose. So relax.. losing weight isn't that complicated. It's a menu, not a science experiment.. emoticon

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4/6/14 12:09 P

I wouldn't worry over one or two days' worth of this kind of diet. Like previous posters said, look at your overall pattern, and if you're eating like this daily, increase your protein and fat levels. If you're not a big fan of eating meat, try eggs, cheese, lentils, beans, peanut butter - whatever you like to eat and will make a habit of incorporating into your diet. Fruit and whole grains are great, but you just need to round out your plate.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,275)
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4/6/14 9:42 A

I recommend getting back on track with increased protein and fat. The body's cells require adequate supply of amino acids and good fats to function best.
A person can lose weight on 1300 calories of jelly beans if they set their mind to it. It will affect their pancreas, liver, brain, and entire body system; still they may be thin

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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4/6/14 9:41 A

Yes, and with some of the fruit replaced with vegetables, there might be calorie room left over for more protein and/or fat.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,299
4/6/14 8:36 A

the fact of the matter is that some people seem to be a little more sensitive to carbs than others. if you're particularly sensitive to them, then eating too many may be an issue. but if you're not and you feel good about the choices, don't worry about a non-issue.
i eat mostly vegetarian and around 2000 cals a day and i see plenty of 300 g + days of carbs. it's certainly not for everyone, but by the same token it's not bad for everyone. if you skew toward the vegetarian you'll likely see a higher level of carbs because pretty much all your protein is going to be a carb as well.
the thing that i notice most about what you ate is seven servings of fruit and one serving of vegetables. if you work on eating a little less fruit and replacing that fruit with more vegetables then you'll still be getting all the good bits from produce, but your cals and carbs will likely go down a little. in other words have kale or zucchini chips instead of dried fruit. have eggplant with your couscous. put peppers, lettuce, tomato and cucumber on your wrap and skip the pineapple. have broccoli instead of a second apple. instead of having the second wrap for the day, have your filling in a lettuce cup or in a hollowed out pepper or tomato.
one of the best bits of knowledge that i have gotten from looking at low carb stuff is what carbs to choose. in other words, look at the fruits and veggies list in the first two phases of low carb diets. those are really great for you fruit and veggie choices. so for me, it's not how many, provided i'm where i need to be calorie-wise, but what kind that wins the day. and, as jen noted, how often does this happen? were you under on protein or fat because of the carbs? how did this change your weekly average intake? just like one meal doesn't tell the story of your whole day, one day doesn't tell the story of your whole week. if you ate closer to 130 cals on the other six days of the week, you'd be averaging right at 150 g carbs a day for the week.

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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4/6/14 7:40 A

260 g of carbs in itself is not inherently ridiculous; at a guess I must eat around that much myself. (I don't track, but I'm a near-vegetarian who gets very little dairy or eggs either, so the majority of my calories MUST be carbohydrates.) But I'm eating 2000 or so calories a day, not just over 1300.

I'm not so concerned about your carbohydrate total as about that you've left yourself hardly any room for anything else! 260g carbs is over 1000 of your 1300-odd calories. For health you should be eating at a minimum in the vicinity of 50 g of protein; that's 200 calories if you are managing it, leaving only room for about 10g of fat. That's not enough for good health. The variety of the carbohydrates also seems to be quite limited; mostly fruit and flour.

I don't think such an imbalance would cause you to gain weight, especially not on such a scanty calorie allowance (are you sure that's right, by the way? What are your height and weight exactly? Do you do any exercise?), but that doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy either. When your calories are that low you need to make an extra effort to make them count nutritionally; and the bulk of your own calories coming from sugar and starch is not really ideal.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,918
4/6/14 7:12 A

I agree that it's better to look at the bigger picture. Was this just one day or is this a trend? If it's a trend, then you can look at the food you've tracked and find ways to make adjustments. If it's a one-day thing, then I wouldn't worry too much.

Coach Jen

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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4/5/14 11:02 P

Are you getting enough protein? How about your other nutrients?

A few extra carbs is no big deal ... and it should be easy to cut back on them a bit ... but you should be looking at the whole picture, not just 1 number.

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4/5/14 9:23 P

I track my food on MyFitnessPal, an online calorie tracking dieter's site, although I'm not dieting I'm just maintaining my weight. I don't eat too many calories per day, however startlingly enough I ate too many carbs today. I was supposed to have 150 g of carbs, and I had 260 g!

It scared me a bit, honestly. However, most of my carbs came from dried fruits, honeydew melon, whole grain waffles, couscous, admittedly one white-wrap burrito, grapes, carrots, pineapple, two huge apples, cantaloupe, and tomato wraps. So I ate 1334 calories today, and my target for my height and weight to maintain is 1337. So does this overload of carbs equate weight gain? I'm scared! emoticon

I didn't eat too MUCH, I ate "too many" (according to this site) carbs in grams. So, ultimately, does this matter, or will I stay the same weight cause I don't overeat? I'm not saying everything I ate today was healthy, either! So i'm scared the carbs will make me gain weight because about 1/4 of them were from white bread products or processed carbs.

in my case, is it calories in calories out? i hate when people say "oh its what kind of carbs you eat that matters/carb quality" because if I eat 99% good carbs and 1% bad carbs but I eat too many grams of carbs, wouldn't that make me gain? and do these macronutrient tallies ultimately even matter as much as I'm making them? like the whole grams of carbs per day thing...HELP

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