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2/5/13 9:08 A

I can't snack, else I get hungry all the time.
ATM, I'm eating 2 eggs, usually with some bread for breakfast (assuming I'm not running late, in which case its a banana or somesuch)... then a biggish lunch and dinner at or before 6pm (at least, that's the time I try to eat by... that way it's mostly done digesting before I head to bed). If I don' get lunch by about 1 my tummy starts making itself known, otherwise, I'm good.
If I go have a snack, etc, my body will *still* get hungry at the same times, so its really just tossing on useless calories.

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2/5/13 8:55 A

1. if you're going to link to something, please use the add a link button. it's right above the box you type in and makes it much more likely that people will actually look at what you are referring to.
2. fruit rotting in your gut seems a bit off to me. your body is designed to take in and process foods, getting the maximum value possible out of them. if it has broken down to the point where fruit is rotting in there, eating fruit first is not going to fix that kind of breakdown, you're probably going to need to go to the hospital. i mean, your digestive tract is basically a bunch of long tubing with an occasional balloon for mixing. yes, some things will get digested a little faster or slower depending on what else is in there. but the point of mixing foods together is so that you don't get that sugar spike and aren't hungry an hour later.
as far as not eating fruit before bed because of a sugar spike keeping you up, well some people do have a problem digesting and sleeping at the same time. but if you aren't one of those people, i don't really see the point.
i think there is some truth base in there somewhere, and particularly for someone having upset problems, but you can't apply a specific condition need to the whole population and make a generalization based on that. it just feels like if you only get 1/3 the value of the apple if you have it with peanut butter, someone in the scientific community would have figured that out by now and there would be asterisks all over the food pyramid/plate/equivalent saying to make sure to eat fruits separately. whereas if it's it's really true you get reduced yield, it's in the same way that cold water burns more calories or spicy food burns more calories, true, but such a minimal change [a thousanth of a percent say] that either way still gets you nearly the same results.

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2/5/13 8:13 A

I found it depends on what your body's use to. When I was overweight I only ate twice a day. A small lunch and a large dinner. I wasn't hungry until 12 noon and then I didn't get hungry again until 7pm. My breakfast consisted of a pot of coffee.

When I changed my diet and started eating healthy I also chose to eat smaller meals 5 times a day and include breakfast. It was difficult at first to eat breakfast and a snack around 11am. I actually kept forgetting at first and would have a delayed breakfast. I also had no desire to eat, I just did.

After a couple of weeks of that the times I got hungry changed. Now I'm hungry first thing in the morning and breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I love waking up to a warm bowl of oatmeal followed by a hot tea. Then I workout and shower so I'm always hungry again after that for my morning snack around 11am. Then I get hungry again at around 2pm and have my lunch. I get hungry around 5pm and have my afternoon snack while my kids have their dinner. Then I have a high protein dinner with some complex carbs at 8pm and I'm satisfied for the evening. My main meals are approximately 100-150 cals more than my snacks. Usually around 300-400 cals for main meals and my snacks are around 150-250 cals.

I don't think it's a bad thing to eat 3 meals a day, I don't think it's bad to eat 6 meals a day. It's really up to the individual and their lifestyle.

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2/5/13 8:10 A

Make it as non-ritualistic as possible. Figure out what works, what doesn't for you and go with that. There is no "rule" for eating fruit. This article is likely rubbish. Hit your calorie goals however you see fit. That is the only "rule".

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2/5/13 8:01 A


Thanks for the tip. I often do go for protein if I feel I need energy (a favourite is a handful of walnut pieces and dried cranberries together).
I recently read this article on fruit though:
I've been trying to follow it where possible i.e. when I can eat fruit in between meals
Do you have any thoughts on it?

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2/5/13 7:06 A

i think it's one of those things that kind of comes hardwired in you. i'd snack all day, but i usually prefer to do that.
the one thing i will note is that fruit salad and two kinds of fruit aren't the best choices for snacks. make sure you have one with each sandwich or yogurt or the granola bar so that you get some protein in there too. in the future, try making sure you bring nuts or cheese or some other protein source to help balance out the fruit.

2/5/13 6:58 A

What works best for me is to split the caloric intake up pretty evenly - I eat about 350 calories for breakfast, lunch dinner and snack. The snack is actually a morning snack and an afternoon snack (or two) and breakfast is usually two things (such as yogurt then oatmeal) spread about 2 hours apart. So I am not going a very long time without some sort of food consumption. I've read that eating this way speeds up your metabolism - not sure if that is true but I don't feel hungry (usually) throughout the day and I get good results.

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2/5/13 6:51 A

I prefer to eat a more substantial breakfast, lunch and dinner and to have two smaller snacks throughout the day. My snacks are 100-200 cals, and I eat one between breakfast and lunch, and I have the other between lunch and dinner.

Aside from the fact that it makes me FEEL better to eat those more substatial meals, I just like that it sort of forces me to stop and have some time to relax. At breakfast, I sit down, I think about the day ahead, at lunch, I relax and socialize with my co-workers. When I snack...I'm often still "on the go," doing other things and not really taking care of myself. Plus...I love to cook, so this allows me to do that.

2/5/13 6:23 A

You are right, everyone's needs are different. I like eating smaller meals throughout the day. 1. It does not overload me all at once making me feel uncomfortable. I believe that is overdoing it and stretches your stomach out so next time you need to eat more and more until you have that "full" feeling.
2. Time, my work requires us to take 15 min am break, 30 min lunch, 15 min pm break. Sometimes I don't get to lunch until after 2 because I am the last to take my turn. If I don't eat something at am break, I am starving by lunch, and could overeat. I also have a long commute home, so I snack at pm break, so I am not famished when I get home and go straight for the fridge.
3. The snacks you chose can also make the difference. I try to get a mix of whole wheat carbs, protien, fruit/veggie, and especially fiber in each small meal.
4. Most importantly finding what works for you may take a few test runs. Journaling is best so you can remember how certain foods made you feel and you can focus on your body's needs and impliment them. Good luck finding what works for you.

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2/5/13 5:58 A

Just wondering what peoples' preferences are, and whether they notice any difference in hunger or consumption levels depending on whether you eat big meals, or save food for snacks?

For instance, today I have brought with me to work: two small sandwiches; a yoghurt; a fruit salad (melon; pineapple; cherries); a banana; an apple; a pear; a cereal bar.
Do I eat the majority of that at lunchtime, or do I limit myself and then eat every couple of hours through the afternoon?

I assume what works best is different for different people.

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