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9/13/13 10:04 P

I would think that either something is going on with you medically, and just happens to tie in with when you started this, or perhaps you aren't enjoying this diet, and your feeling sick is a reaction to eating what you don't like and/or don't really want.

If, as DRAGONCHILDE says, you stop the plan and feel fine, then don't re-start it again. IF, however, your feeling sick continues, make an appointment with your Dr.


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9/13/13 11:36 A

It's very hard to guess what you're doing, since you provide no details, and are following a plan in a book not many of us have heard of.

however, if the plan is making you sick, you should stop it immediately, and see if you feel better. If you do, it's the plan, if you don't, you're sick, and should see a doctor.

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9/13/13 11:21 A

Could you make your tracker public?

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9/13/13 8:51 A

in general, when i feel like puking after a meal, i either avoid those foods or the quantity of food that i ate to get to that point in the future. eating food should not make you feel like puking. and if it does you should try to figure out what is causing that and avoid it.

for your last meal you say you are hungry but forcing yourself to eat. this sounds off as well. are you actually hungry? are you making yourself eat foods you dislike? if you are truly hungry you shouldn't need to be forcing yourself to eat.

9/13/13 8:09 A

I didn't know what Cooler 1 was, so I googled it. This comes from

I'm not sure why anyone would do this? All you lose is water and muscle? Yikes!
Why NOT do Cooler 1?

1. Because you don't always need to! Are you facing a contest? Are you preparing for an event? Do you wish to fit a smaller size for a friend's wedding? If yes, then by all means - do 1, 2 or even 3 weeks of it, with pleasure.

2. Without the good fats we have in Cooler 2, your skin really dries a lot. That sucks. Fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) are not absorbed well - that sucks too and makes for a crabby mood.

3. The liters and liters of distilled water are flushed out of the kidneys faster - less water = more dry skin, dry hair, dry mouth all day.

4. You're losing muscle! Yes, you read right! You do not even lose that much fat on Cooler 1. What we do lose is water, then muscle and last - fat. You lose the fat from continuing to work out. So - hey - just keep working out and you'll lose the fat either way.

5. Cooler 2/ Just Eating clean 100% of the time IS in fact bringing you directly to your goals. Be patient with your body - you're not going to look like an Ava Cowan replica overnight! (or ever). Set realistic goals for your overall "After" look. Example - I know I have large thighs, so I look to resemble female models with large thighs. Let's face the facts (and genetics) here :-) By being more realistic about the look you expect to have in the "AFTER" picture, you will also not expect weird miracles from a 1-week or 2-week stretch of eating very clean (Cooler 1-style).

6. Cooler 1 - or any 2-week diet for that matter, will not make a miracle happen in your life. It's just a quick fix designed for a very particular purpose. If you understand that, and you go at it with that fact in mind - then Cooler 1 is a good way to change temporarily.

7. Lucky #7... YOU GAIN ALL THE WEIGHT BACK. Since you only are losing water and some muscle, as soon as you eat normally again, you are going to gain back. It's not a 'bad gain' per se. It's a gain back to what you're supposed to weigh according to your caloric intake and level of physical activity. Again, Cooler 1 is not for some magic, it's a temporary fix used for pre-contest or other similar goals. If you want to lose fat and gain muscle - then step up your exercise routines rather.

9/13/13 8:04 A

What do you consider 'eating clean'? Maybe if you make your tracker public we'd be able to respond more intelligently :)

I hope you feel better!

p.s. sometimes when I exercise without eating enough I feel very emotional/sick. It's really important to have good pre and post exercise meals, especially with running.

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9/13/13 12:37 A

My guess is that it's psychological. You could be (unknowingly) stressing out about your new eating plan and schedule, or you could be (unknowingly) anxiously hoping that you'll lose weight.

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9/12/13 11:21 P

I think you feel sick because your body is detoxifying and adjusting to the healthy food. It is probably not used to that kind of food. Once your body has adjusted you will feel great and most likely notice that you don't feel as good when you eat junk. Keep up the good food it's worth it :)

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9/12/13 10:16 P

I have been trying eat-clean for 3 days now. I am doing cooler 1 from Tosca Reno's book. I am eating 5x a day and by the end of the day I just feel sick. After every small meal I feel like puking. Also, I have a hard time making myself eat the last meal even though I am hungry. I am going by the portion sizes and drinking plenty of water. I was just wondering if anyone out there could tell me why I feel so awful. Am I not getting enough calories?
The last three days:
Day 1 of diet no exercise
Day 2 Ran 3ish miles and walked 2 miles
Day 3 Walked 2 miles
Why do I feel like crap? :(

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