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BIPPSY Posts: 59
1/16/13 10:14 P

I am in the same situation and slowly, slowly building a list of super quick dinners for my family of three. I have never liked cooking. One current favorite that also makes a great lunch at work from leftovers is broccoli chickpea salad.

1 bag of broccoli slaw (usually near the bagged lettuce and cole slaw mix at store)
1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
crumbled feta cheese - no specific amount, but I try to go easy because of the fat and the flavor goes a long way.

1 tbs seeded mustard
1 tbs rice wine vinegar
2 tbs olive oil

Combine and toss. It doesn't sound like much, but it's very flavorful which I find makes a meal more satisfying, and the prep couldn't be quicker.

I would love to hear more ideas from sparkers!

Google Stone Soup for more super simple recipes.

1/16/13 9:21 P

Wow, what a good idea!

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1/15/13 8:28 P

About once a month I buy a large amount of ground turkey and ground beef. I cook it and season it: 1. Italian w/onions, garlic, italian seasoning(lasagna, spaghetti)
2. Mexican w/ homemade taco seasoning (tacos, taco salad, mexican casserole)
3. Sloppy Joe w/green peppers, onions, garlic
I also use some of the uncooked meat to make meatloaf mix.

I put about a pound each in zip lock bags and freeze for a quick meal.

1/15/13 8:12 P

I know you are very busy, but, would you be able on a weekend, for instance, to cook for the week and freeze the meals, that way you and the family would have home cooked meals everyday. Good luck.

STARR2BE2 Posts: 46
1/14/13 7:23 A

I need some meal ideas! I work 50hrs a week, am raising two kids, and go to college. I don't have a lot of time to spend cooking. I miss 2 of 3 meals w/my kids each day so they don't have to be family friendly recipes. My husband cooks for the 3 of them.

I usually eat instant oatmeal, smoothies, grilled chicken patty from Fatburger (job #1), once and awhile sushi (job #2), and 93/7 turkey burgers. I need some new things I can make in less than 10mins or that I can make enough to last a few days and it still taste good.

I'm not big on pork or fish. Chicken, turkey, beef, or no meat is preferred. And if you have ideas of stuff I can take and eat on the go (in the car) that's even better!

Thank you!!!!

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