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3/7/13 2:32 A

Upper body exercise like shadow boxing. You can also search for chair aerobics on the internet or youtube.

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3/4/13 11:50 P

I think it's a good idea to be cautious when recovering from an injury to reduce the risk of making things worse. Using low impact or even some physical therapy type exercises (such as resistance bands, etc.) to slowly regain strength, range of motion and flexibility. Patience is a virtue especially when dealing with soft tissue ailments.

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3/4/13 7:05 P

I have found that I can not really maintain doing exercises as such.
So, I concentrate on what I can do. I can walk 1-2 mi. a day.
I have pulled muscles on my left back. I have bone displacement in my right hand.
I can do a lot more than I thought if I don't load the right hand.
I am now working on letting my back heal up.
I do wheel barrow up my wood and put it into the wood box, wash the car, rake massive leaves and those things when I can. emoticon

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3/4/13 6:05 P


Whenever one sustains an injury it is best to go into maintenance mode until your body is fully recovered Your body still needs calories to keep basic biological functions as well as calories to support your healing from your trauma. You will need more calories than you would being sedentary, however, so I would recommend that you put your target weight the same as your current weight and this will give you the calories you will need to maintain your weight, until you get clearance from your doctor.

Coach Nancy

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3/4/13 4:34 P

Weight loss is about your diet, not the exercise you do. Set your fitness goals to zero, and focus on your nutrition, instead of exercise, until you've been cleared by your doc.

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3/4/13 4:21 P

My diet was supposed to continue into this year but on Jan. 2nd I fell on some ice and had multiple sprains and Achilles Tendinitis, I was in a boot for 6 weeks but I'm still healing, walking to long hurts my foot still and the elliptical does as well. I don't want this to effect my weight loss anymore than it has but I still can't be on my toes or that foot for very long

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