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7/5/13 7:53 A

I'm going to second the advice that you find what you really enjoy. I tried everything to make myself exercise but did not stick with any of it until i figured out how much I like Pilates, hiking, and dancing. So now I look forward to my Zumba class, my Pilates sessons and my long walks.

Do what makes you smile as you sweat.

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7/2/13 10:38 P

I was over 300 lbs when I realized that they key to failing every other weight loss attempt in my life was truly making exercise a part of my life. It had always been an "add on" to a diet and I hated it because of how horribly out of shape I was. When I decided something had to change, I needed to start slowly too. I started with aquafit and over a period of months, I was able to go from 2-3 times a week to 4 and then eventually doing Zumba as my main exercise and even weight training. It was about 7 months of pretty much only aquafit before I felt ready to add Sparkpeople once again (had lost 50 lbs on it years ago but the missing exercise piece was part of the derailment).

As others have said, the key is to love what you're doing. For me, the social aspect of aquafit and now Zumba have been one of the best parts. The benefits to my health and weight loss efforts are a bonus. :-)

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7/2/13 5:01 P

Like someone else said, find something that motivates you. For me, it turns out that means running races so I spend a lot of time on the treadmill with the elliptical and bikes for cross training.

If your gym offers it for free (some don't) try Zumba. I know a LOT of people who love that and it gets them going back to the gym regularly.

When you're ready to try the strength training, it might be worth it to invest in a single session (or a couple) with a trainer to get tips on form and some help with getting started. I do strength a couple times a week, personally. I use free weights and fairly simple exercises. I don't need to make it complicated when simple works really well. I can already see changes in my arms and legs from my workouts which is pretty motivating. The running is giving me awesome calves!

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7/2/13 4:15 P

Try taking a couple of classes (esp something like Body Pump/Total Strength). Even if you stay in the back and take a ton of breaks, you're still getting ideas about how you like to work out and what exercises you like to do.

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7/2/13 3:38 P

Do make use of the trainers and ask a lot of questions and if you don't feel comfortable with a trainer, ask for someone else.

And speaking of trainers, it can help to spend a little to hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to take you through some workouts. It doesn't cost a lot and really can help.

But again, if the trainer isn't a good fit knowledge and personality wise, request someone else.

Mostly, just have fun at the gym and don't do anything that you are not sure is safe.

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7/2/13 3:32 P

They do - I'm going after work today to meet with a trainer to see how to use the equipment & hopefully get some more info about the gym.

But I also know myself - I'll stick to what I know because I'm too embarrassed to ask for help. Stupid, I know. I'm paying for access to these trainers & equipment, I should just ask.

Just looking for some things other people find enjoyable that I may want to try out. It's been so long since I've been to a gym, and my old gym was rinky-dink compared to the one I just joined - lots more options for me now.

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7/2/13 3:20 P

If you don't enjoy it, you won't do it.
Since you joined a gym, do they take you through the gym and show you how to use the equipment?
Maybe the trainers could also advise you. You don't have to sign up with a trainer to ask questions.

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7/2/13 2:41 P

I joined a gym today - it's been a few months since I've done any exercise (mainly cardio DVDs) and probably 2 years since I've been to a gym.

I want to start with cardio to get myself used to exercising again. Then thinking about doing the circuit training they have at the gym. And then moving up to free weights.

Does anyone have any tips or advice to someone just starting out again? How long to do things? What types of exercises to do?

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