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SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
10/3/13 2:35 P

Thank you everyone for giving your options and sharing your experiences of the ball bursting, something I must keep in mind.

VKKESU Posts: 1,010
10/3/13 7:18 A

CJSNLOVE3 ... So glad I'm not the only one with a horror story. LOL

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JCOW84 SparkPoints: (9,041)
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Posts: 301
10/2/13 8:54 P

If you sit in your chair with both feet flat on the floor, that stops your back from rounding.

CJSNLOVE3 Posts: 404
10/2/13 4:02 P

I use to sit on a ball at work, that was until a staple on the floor pop it. It wasn't even a slow leak. One second I was typing away the next I was flat on my back on the floor.

VKKESU Posts: 1,010
10/2/13 2:33 P

If you use it a lot , I'd suggest getting one of those ball holders. I used to use a ball quite a bit but would use my desk at same time. I'd just roll it up so both legs were under the desk.

I was talking to my husband on my cell phone (left hand) and reached over to the left to grab something and the ball started to roll to the left ............

ok picture this .... my legs are trapped under desk, so I can't straighten myself up, I don't want to land on my phone, so I had to brace myself for impact. LOL I let out a scream and a giggle and hit the floor HARD !! It's a wonder I didn't break my arm.

I put the ball away after that. lol I now bring it out to stretch on but get to distracted at work to use it safely.

HOTTIE41465 Posts: 113
10/2/13 2:02 P

Exercise balls are great and definately will help your back. I love them and find them to be a good way to exercise my legs and thighs also.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,211
10/2/13 10:52 A

I use a ball as my chair about half the time. and find it really helps my lower back and hips.

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
10/1/13 4:35 P


AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,293
10/1/13 3:03 P

I've been doing this for several years.

I don't know that it really has any fitness benefits, but if you are at the computer a lot, it is easier on your rear end than a hard chair.

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
10/1/13 9:16 A

Thank you SPARK_COACH_JEN I am very aware of my posture, but the best thing is that I am more likely to take a rest from the screen and stretch out on the ball.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,984
10/1/13 8:42 A

I agree you want to make sure your posture is good, but there's nothing wrong with sitting on the ball instead of a chair if that works well for you.

Coach Jen

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
10/1/13 6:32 A

Oh thank you, I will bear that in mind

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (201,779)
Fitness Minutes: (197,432)
Posts: 15,873
10/1/13 4:35 A

I find that you can sit on a ball with equally poor posture as a chair and the benefits are minimal.

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
10/1/13 2:48 A

Hi Sparkpeople can you please give me your advice. I find that sitting on a chair at the computer makes my back ache. So have tried intervals of putting my laptop on a chair and sitting on my exercise ball. I am careful to sit balance carefully, being aware that my posture does not slouch engaging my core. Also every hours doing some stretches. Is this ok, or will I be doing more damage? Any advice gratefully accepted.


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