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4/8/13 11:13 A

If you type the name of the website into google and the word scam pops up with it. I would avoid avoid avoid.

And also remember that many designers do 'not' sell their gowns online or at a deep discount. So if you see a website promising a designer gown for 75% off of retail, verify with the designer that this is a legitimate website. Many times it is not legitimate.

You could also check Amazon. They sell a line of dresses and gowns called Ever Pretty, they are affordable. I got my Easter Dress from Amazon and Ever Pretty, it was so nice and received many compliments.

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1/29/13 7:53 P

Gotcha! I'll keep you guys posted!

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1/29/13 7:34 A

Mine came out well under $300... Including shipping! But like I said before, it has yet to be seen if I made a huge mistake or not. The best advice for ordering offline: read site reviews first! I really can't stress that enough. A few negative comments are to be expected... just look and see what you're willing to deal with and what is unacceptable. Also, get your measurements taken professionally. It's pretty cheap to have your measurements done and it's 100% worth it. Even if you are an amazing sewer... have a professional seamstress mesure you.

1/29/13 2:15 A

great idea! i'll check online also. i have an appointment to try on some dresses this weekend. they are sooo expensive here. like $2500 cheapest from what i've seen.. hopefully i can find what i'm looking for at a good price

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1/25/13 11:36 A

To be honest, I ordered mine off the internet. The shops around here just didn't have what I wanted! I know I'm taking a gamble, but I prepared myself by reading up on reviews of the sites I was potentially ordering from. I felt confident and well informed before placing my order. Hopefully the results will be worth it! I should have my dress mid-February.

1/24/13 10:00 P

I need some advice for dress shopping. I currently live in Japan but i'll be home for a month (for the wedding) and then coming back to japan with my so. He is helping me plan most of it , but i dont know what to do for the dress! It's going to be a small wedding approx 50 people. They have dresses here in Japan but i know for a fact i'll have issues since im a 12 and japanese women seem to never be more than a 6. Considering alterations that have to be done, what should i do?

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11/16/12 10:34 P

How did it go?

I'm not plus-sized I don't think (not exactly sure of my size now), but I'm going to look at dresses for the first time next month and I'm very nervous about what size I'll be and how I will look in the dresses. It's an exciting time, so enjoy it. Though I personally understand how it feels to want to look better and be lighter by the wedding...I think it depends on where you go how many plus sized dresses are available and ready, not "in the back."

You are NOT less than... at all!!! Don't think that. It is your special day for you and your husband :) Don't let a store determine your worth. You'll look beautiful anyways (the bride always does!)

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11/11/12 6:28 A

Looking for an update on how the dress shopping went- - hope it was a wonderful experience! I have been looking online at dresses but haven't yet decided to get to the "trying on" part yet.

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10/12/12 6:13 P

Oh my gosh - I'm so excited/nervous! I'm going dress shopping for the first time tomorrow!

I have gone INTO a dress shop previously but it was a horrible experience. They had about 8 plus-size dresses and kept them in a janitorial-sized closet in the back of the store, off the floor where all the "normal" sized dresses are. It was humiliating and heart-breaking to feel like I was "less than" and not a "real" bride because I'm a plus-sized girl.

I checked on the store we are going to already so I don't have to go through that experience again. They are very plus-size friendly and have lots of samples in plus-sizing so I hope that I will at least be able to try a few different styles on. I have lost 32 pounds and am down two dress sizes so I feel more confident going in this time. Plus I'll have my mom with me and last time I was alone so it will be better with some emotional support.

Less than 8 months til I do - I am planning on losing another 15-18 pounds this year and then another 25 in 2013 before the wedding. I really want to find something that will show off my curves since I will have worked so hard to get healthier in the 10 months prior to the wedding.

Any other plus size brides out there? How was your dress shopping experience?

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