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REESE1717 Posts: 2,540
6/14/05 6:44 P

You have to remember to ask for the sugar free variety. I use sugar free syrups at home in my coffee. I can't taste the difference but hubby can.

HELLO123 Posts: 33
6/14/05 1:20 P

The syrups at Dunkin Doughnuts are sugar free....

CYNTHIA2 SparkPoints: (31,007)
Fitness Minutes: (6,444)
Posts: 5,462
5/29/05 4:26 A

I hate when that happens. Once I got a veggie meal that was so calorie laden. OMG. It was the coconut milk in the recipie that did it.

REESE1717 Posts: 2,540
5/28/05 8:08 P

That sucks. I got some calorie laden drink there the other day. Not worth it at all.

ALIB429 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,072)
Posts: 709
5/28/05 7:21 P

Oh my goodness, I was so upset. I think about it everyday sadly haha. I used to love going to this Dunkin Donuts about 5 minutes away on this cute little street with tons of shops for a medium iced french vanilla. I think i will send an email!

5/28/05 2:55 P

I found out the same thing and was very upset also! Maybe it would help if we sent an email from the Dunkin Donuts website. I know that they sell the french vanilla whole bean coffee, so I don't know why they can't brew it in the store.

ALIB429 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,072)
Posts: 709
5/24/05 8:51 P

Being that i drink a lot of coffee, French Vanilla at Dunkin Donuts was perfect. brewed, NOT syrup with tons of calories and sugar. (like starbucks) but NOW they no longer brew even french vanilla! I'm so pissed because i just went to get coffee and found out for the past few days, I've been drinking syrup. So for any of you who drink a lot of coffee, ask because they are changing things around!

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