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4/30/13 8:17 A

And your analysis only is assuming symmetric loads. I wouldn't even want to think of the asymmetric forces that could come from kickbacks and the like :P

(I'm an engineer too...totally understand ;))

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4/29/13 10:39 P

I got mine at walmart. I felt it was a good price. It inclines....has a preachers bench to do bicep curls and a place to do leg extensions. I really do like it. Good luck..

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4/29/13 8:12 P

The MSRP on the manufacturer's site is waaaay higher than what they are available for. Shipping is a factor too - that one weighs 75 lbs and is really big.

One of the limitations I've found with benches intended for home use is that they are not very strong, and often wobble with time. A "rating" of 500 lbs sounds like a lot, until you figure the man who will use it pushes 200 lbs dressed and will be using 100 lb dumbbells. That's a 400-lb load without even considering dynamic forces from moving weights, which would put the actual loading at around 600 to 700 lbs peak force.

The strength limitation is not so much the steel channel sections as it is the joints. They get overloaded, they wear or mash, and they get loose. Then they wobble. If they don't fail in fatigue. . . .

. . . It's a side effect of being an engineer. I HAVE to do this . . . :)

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4/29/13 7:50 P

Personally I would check Freecycle, Craigslist or Second Wind befor I spent that much on a bench for home use. Those are designed to handle multiple users and abusers and are over built as a result. They are design for commercial gym use where the owner can depreciate or write off the cost.

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4/29/13 6:05 P

I have no personal experience in buying them for home use, but that looks exactly like the ones I use at the gym.

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4/29/13 1:25 P

I need a new bench for doing full-power strength training with dumbbells. I'm looking at gym-quality benches that are durable and sturdy. It needs to incline and decline would be nice.

This is the kind of thing I'm looking at:

I used to lift actively, but haven't much for a few years. I'm getting back into it, and want equipment that will last.

Any ideas or thoughts?

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