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3/7/13 8:09 A

The reason it went away 2 years ago and isn't going away now, may be a simple matter of your skin losing its elasticity as you age. I say this because I am 57 and every year now, I notice this happening more myself. Especially on my upper arms, which are not flabby. It's not fat, it's the skin & gravity.

I don't know how old you are, but I peeked at your Spark Page and you have grown children, so I'm guessing here that that is at least some of the reason. Lots of stuff that happened a certain way a few years ago, becomes different this time around. It may very well be that it's just going to take longer for your skin to tighten up. Or it may not tighten up at all.

I agree with the Spanx. There are now "regular" looking camisoles with a built-in power stretch panel in the tummy area. Personally, I've gone to wearing more short-sleeved shirts instead of sleeveless, in the summer. Not so much because I care what other people think, but because I'm still working on accepting the idea that while in my heart, I'm as young as I feel-- the body isn't necessarily paying any attention to that. And I don't want to see it.

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3/7/13 4:56 A

Agree with spandex

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3/7/13 2:48 A


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3/3/13 11:25 P

Thanks for the replies. (even though I WAS hoping someone would offer a miracle! lol)

I was only 10# into the "overweight" BMI. So I dropped 20# 2 years ago and the abdominal area shaped up pretty well. Then I regained 15# & am losing it again. But the skin in the front above the waist & below the j-i-g-g-l-y. Can't figure out why it went away 2 yrs ago & hasn't (so far) this time. I'll just keep increasing the amount of iron I lift & the incline on the treadmill! I'm only on Day 27 of a fitness it's still early in the game.

Thanks a lot! Here's some advice from me: lose the weight & get in shape NOW instead of waiting until you're older. It gets harder every day you wait!

See ya at the gym or on the bike path!

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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
3/3/13 10:41 P

There's a difference between losing fat and shrinking skin.

Unfortunately not a really functional difference. Neither can be targetted by specific foods or exercises.

However, in the case of loose skin, time can help. Keep well hydrated, use a good moisturising cream, and see if the months and years help you out a little. If not, surgery would be the only option.

JANAMP09 Posts: 357
3/3/13 9:29 P

It does depend on how much weight you loss unfortunately if you were obese or morbidly obese you would likely need surgery - otherwise I find it is more the food I eat then the exercise I do that takes away the belly

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
3/3/13 4:46 P

Unfortunately, for many people, the skin never tightens up. It is sadly the case that not ALL of the effects of obesity are reversible with weight loss -- and stretched out skin often falls into this category, especially the older we are when we lose weight (and the more years we were overweight). Surgery may be an option. There are no exercises that can solve this problem, and unfortunately the area that you're talking about can't even be somewhat improved by building muscle as there's no "bulkability" to that particular area.

It's probably best to focus on the health benefits of losing weight and just accept that our bodies sometimes do bear the scars of what we've done to them over the years. emoticon

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3/3/13 3:50 P

you know you can NOT spot reduce, right? Of course you do!

dropping the lbs (which is at least 80% nutrition...eating less and eating RIGHT) is what's required. And the 1st place you gain is usually the LAST place you lose. For me, it's inner thighs.

COLUMBINE2 Posts: 2,324
3/3/13 3:36 P

OK...hate to ask this, but here goes:
How do we get rid of the loose skin below "the girls" & above the belly button?
If you say "exercise", then tell me the best exercises to do.

Yes I know we can't spot reduce
But how does the skin tighten up?
I am especially plagued because I'm "older" (I didn't say "OLD" --I said "older") and gravity is my enemy.


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