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7/15/13 4:12 P

emoticon Hello - hope you are still enjoying SP. Happy summer. emoticon

8/28/12 5:51 P

Cody, do you know yet about Sparkteams? My earlier post here tells how to find the Dukan team. Let me know if you need help.

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8/24/12 10:47 A

I would love to email someone doing this diet. I know it works as have the relatives are on it and losing. I'm on stage 2 with my spouse. Lost 6 # in 3 weeks and not starving.

9/16/11 9:49 P

Checking in the book, recommended sources are lean beef, poultry,lean white-fleshed fish, shellfish, and especially, egg whites (not yolks). I'm not on this diet, just reading what I looked up.

Protein shakes are easy to drink in the morning. Atkins shakes have 9gm. fat, 15gm. protein, and 3 carbs. I use them.

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9/16/11 9:14 P

in step 2... didn't get the book... I am kind of winging it... I need more protein without more fat . Any suggestions.

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9/16/11 6:29 P

Dukan's book says it is for short term use and/or only for the morbidly obese. SP is long term change.

I urge you to remember this.


9/16/11 5:59 P

There's a Sparkteam called "Doing the Dukan." I'm not able to post link here. Do you know where to find teams? Under the community tab at the top of the page, go to Sparkteams. Then, type "doing the dukan" in the search box.

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9/9/11 7:17 A

Anyone on this plan want some support? It would be great and make this lifestyle change easier, I am sure. I have my Drs. okay, and am losing weight and am taking one day at a time. Would love company.

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