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4/10/13 3:17 P

Perhaps if you make your nutrition tracker public, we could give more helpful tips. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

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4/10/13 2:57 P

ty for all ur replies , but it seems that Dukan, & Ackins , both are saying carbs are the " evil of the plate" .. and i was trying to become a vegertian .; and now, weight came back on me .. i have tracked my food, but got depressed - it seems that i was stuck at the same weight for months .. and can't drop the last 30 pounds .. so i am trying to kick start the last my pounds off

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4/8/13 10:53 A

My personal experience with MANY "restrictive" diet plans is that they work GREAT...when following them. As soon as the "banned" foods are reintroduced into the deit, the weight returns.

I lost 32 pounds eating Paleo/Primal. Slowly but surely, the "no-no" foods made their way back into my diet and I am now up 50 pounds.


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4/8/13 10:48 A

I know people that tried this and they didn't make it past the attack phase. They were so sick of meat that they couldn't eat any for a while

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4/8/13 8:26 A

On any "diet", planning your food is important. Many of the diet plans out there will give you menu lists of exactly what you're supposed to eat-- which usually include things that we either don't like, or are too expensive for our budgets.

Spark will give you meal plans as well. But you don't have to follow them exactly-- you can substitute things. If it said, asparagus-- and you don't like asparagus... well pick another green vegetable you like. Like green beans. Frozen green beans are readily available and cheap. Or maybe broccoli. Again, pretty cheap frozen.

The key to the whole thing is to plan and track what you eat, and stay in your calorie range. In the very beginning of my journey on this healthy lifestyle, I found it easier to just bake or broil a slab of some kind of lean meat, and then add low-starch vegetables and one serving of a whole grain something, as the sides. It took me a while to work my way up to doing a casserole or something. But Spark has a ton of recipes and also the Tracker will let you enter your recipe, and then give you the breakdown for calories carbs fat protein etc.

4/8/13 7:50 A

What is your Sparkpeople calorie range? 1200-1550 calories daily?
Yes, planning meals and snacks is very important. You can use the SP meal plans for ideas. Are you weighing and measuring all your food and beverages? Entering them in the SP nutrition tracker? Are you eating within your weight loss calorie range?

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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4/7/13 4:29 P

I am in need to drop some weight .. and read a little of this french doc. does anyone, have any experience in doing this ? I think, my down fall, is lack of meal planning - which is a huge problem .. i think ;

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