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8/31/11 11:18 P

Thank you! As much as I love duck, I shouldn't have purchased the whole bird! Honestly, my brother was talking about how he was feeding a duck outside of target and it was his "little friend". He took pictures and all. Did I mention he is 31 years old? hehehehehe.

Anyway, later that day, I was at the grocery store and ducks were on sale. I got this pretty large frozen duck for about $12. I had to buy it.

I do seriously love duck, but it was purchased as a bit of a joke. Point is, now this duck is in the freezer and it needs to be cooked!

Thanks again for your help!

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8/30/11 1:47 P

Duck has a huge layer of fat underneath the skin which melts when it's roasted, but it needs help getting out from under the skin. You'll need to score the skin, without piercing the flesh, to make sure the fat drains out when it melts.
Here's a link to a step by step guide to duck roasting by Martha Stewart:
I used this as a guide when I roasted a duck at Easter and it was amazing!

8/29/11 6:05 A

I know duck isn't the leanest of meats. However, I purchased one awhile back and it has been in my freezer. What do I do with this duck? I've been told I need to cook it in the oven in a pan with a rack so that fat drips off. Other than that.... I have no idea! emoticon

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