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1/16/13 9:42 P

For me I say as long as you're use to going to the gym and being active you should have absolutely not problem - but I also have a pretty intense work out routine.

Sunday - Shbam + 5k
Monday - Pump + Shbam
Tuesday - Combat + Jam
Wednesday - Attack
Thursday - 5k + Jam
Friday - rest
Saturday - 1hr cardio whether I can make it to a class or I'm just on the treadmill/rowing machine

So knowing my routine - I say go for it but if you feel like its too much definitely just take a step back and do what you can comfortable do but remember you still want to push yourself slightly without hurting yourself.

JETT0206 Posts: 7
1/16/13 9:17 P

Something to think about.

JETT0206 Posts: 7
1/16/13 9:15 P

Lowering my Intensity is a great Idea, I still do the work and I still get the credit.
Thank you very much

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1/16/13 2:57 P

What about doing the biking at a lower intensity? A low-intensity bike ride would still burn calories, but since it's low impact, would be easier on your joints than running might be.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,923
1/16/13 1:46 P

I think you could try it and see how it goes. If possible, maybe you could start with Body Combat just a few days a week, and then scale up from there if you feel like you've got the energy for it?

Coach Jen

JETT0206 Posts: 7
1/16/13 10:35 A

No I am not new to exercise,
Combat is Tuesday to Sunday, off on Monday
Class is Monday to Thursday, off Friday to Sunday.

Thanks for your reply Coach Jen!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,923
1/16/13 10:13 A

I think it depends on your current fitness level. If you've been active for a while, you could probably do both. But if you are new to exercise, that's probably too much activity, too soon. Are you doing them both on the same day, or are some of the workouts on different days?

Coach Jen

JETT0206 Posts: 7
1/16/13 9:24 A

I have just started Les Mills Combat (Jan 15, 2013). I also have to do a fitness class in school for credit. I choose the option to run or bike for 30 minutes, four days per week.
Is it safe for me to do both programs at the same time or should I stop Les mills Combat?

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