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1/9/14 6:53 P

The box of pasta says 2 ounces dry = 1 serving.
However, when a dietitian talks about a serving of grain for someone trying to lose weight or control diabetes, etc... 1 ounce is considered a portion, about 80-100 calories, about 15-17 grams of carb.

Why does the box say 2 ounces is a get you to eat more!!

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1/9/14 5:47 P

if you live in the us all nutrition labels are required to have the nutrition information for the item as it is in the package. so for pasta and rice, that 75 grams is dry if it's dry in the package. for frozen veggies, it's for frozen. that's why popcorn generally has unpopped and popped on the label. they have to put the info for the popcorn as is, but no one eats it that way so they provide the popped info.

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1/9/14 5:23 P

Any kind of grain or pasta should be weighed uncooked, because ending weight differs based on how you cook it. The more water it absorbs, the more volume and weight it will have, so you can't get an accurate calorie count based on weight after cooking.

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1/9/14 4:05 P

Weigh pasta before you cook it. A serving size is 2oz. no matter the shape.

Rice is usually measured as cups or portions of cups, cooked. If you are making rice ahead of time, don't worry if you have too much. Rice freezes well (in pre-portioned amounts) and can be reheated in the microwave.

1/9/14 3:01 P

Does anyone know, when something like rice or pasta says 75g serving contains x amount of calories, do they mean when it's dry or cooked. I never know whether to weigh it before or after I've cooked it. Can you help?

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