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4/12/13 11:47 P

WEN. I ordered it on line and have had great results.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (256,250)
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4/12/13 8:39 A

also a good idea to limit the chemical processing you do to your hair (color, perm, straighten, etc) and the heat instruments (dryer, flat iron, curling iron, hot rollers, etc)

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
4/12/13 2:56 A

I like the Clear line (healthy lengths is my favorite) for day to day and do a mask with avocado and olive oil or vinegar rinse every month or so. My hair is almost to my bottom, shiny, strong and I have a hypoactive thyroid, so I must be doing this part right!

LOLEMA SparkPoints: (105,894)
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4/12/13 2:51 A

Infusion - Leave in treatment, spray on damp hair
Redken has product also spray on

Quit shampooing and wash hair with conditioner only!
Shampoo is a gimmick - so they can sell conditioner after they strip your hair!

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
4/11/13 11:51 P

I took up Cosmetology and the best thing that I've ever used is cholesterol you can buy it at CVS not expensive put it on your hair and then wrap your head in a warm towel for like 15 minutes, it really makes your hair beautiful...

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,210
4/11/13 10:26 P

Has your thyroid been checked lately? I had a slow thyroid, and take a med every day, it made the big difference. Taking supplements does not work, according to Nutrition Action, except to make the companies that sell them richer.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,583
4/11/13 6:43 P

I use products on my hair by Brocato. I use Cloud Nine shampoo and conditioner with Saturation leave in conditioner. I also use Brocato Supersilk shampoo and leave in conditioner.

They are quite spendy but really concentrated so a bottle lasts six months to a year.

My hair is highlighted and still soft and shiny because of the Brocato shampoo. A picture of the back of my head showing my hair is on my profile page.

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KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
4/11/13 5:10 P

make a paste with mashed avacodo, honey and milk, leave on for 30 minutes then rinse, wash and rinse

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4/11/13 3:35 P


Are you getting enough healthy fats in your diet ? Not eating enough healthy fat in your diet can cause your hair and finger nails to become dry and brittle. So, if you're on a "low fat" diet or have significantly decreased the amount of healthy fats you eat, that may be the cause of your dry hair.

Also, it's possible you may be over conditioning your hair too. You may be using too many products on your hair and that might be a cause to. Do you blow dry your hair ? If so, blow drying can also cause dry hair problems.

One thing you might try is using extra virgin olive oil instead of conditioner once a week. What you do is coat your hair with the olive oil and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Wash out normally, no conditioner. I love how may hair feels after using olive oil. Oh and an egg wash helps too. break a couple of eggs, use the yoke and let that sit in your hair too.

In past, many women used an egg wash to help their hair. it's an old remedy.

GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (323,107)
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4/11/13 3:29 P

Online Now  • ))
Here are two excellent products. They might seem priecy byt a jar will last a whole year. Use sparingly:

Matrix Bilolage Therapy
Morrocan Oil leave in cream conditioner

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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4/11/13 10:58 A

Mom, who was a hairdresser for many years, used to give my hair the following treatment:
Beat up an egg yolk (more if you have long hair) and massage it into your hair. Put a towel around your head and keep it there for about 30 minutes. Then, with lukewarm water, rinse the hair. When all the egg yolk is removed, give it a quick wash and good rinse again. Because hair is protein, any protein you put into it is helpful. (egg yolk, beer) Be sure not to rinse with hot water or you end up with boiled egg in your hair. This always makes my hair feel so good and look very shiny and healthy.

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (201,921)
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4/11/13 10:47 A

Aussie 3-minute miracle conditioner is amazing!

Also--make sure you're drinking enough milk, eating enough fruits & veggies, and limiting alcohol intake. Nothing dries a body out faster than a bottle of wine every evening. :)

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (256,250)
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4/11/13 9:56 A

John Freida has some good products.

also make sure you are hitting your RDA for vitamins/minerals. I can tell when I'm eating right because I need to file my nails down and get my hair cut more often!

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (41,704)
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4/11/13 9:44 A

Try some pure organic coconut oil - great conditioner/moisturizer and no chemicals! Just apply to your hair, work it into the scalp and leave it on for as long as you want (you can even wrap something around your head and leave it on overnight); then wash as usual - your hair should feel really soft.

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NEPTUNE1939 Posts: 18,388
4/11/13 9:21 A

no hair emoticon

DANYLEIN SparkPoints: (94,916)
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4/11/13 9:07 A

My hair is getting sooo dry. I condition it religiously. HELP! Does anyone have a product that they can recommend?

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