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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
7/14/13 6:28 A

nice way of addressing a root problem of over consumption.

You're correct.
Eating right usually will save money, too, as you're not spending on junk, which is over priced

7/14/13 5:09 A

I keep a budget record, so I've actually been able to track how much money we've saved this year over any other just because we monitor our food more closely now.

It's amazing how much less healthy food can cost compared to prepackaged!

KATIZUMI2013 Posts: 90
7/13/13 4:29 P

Hi Edith my SP range is 1200-1500 cal per day, and I am within at 1200. Most importantly, I am not hungry and not suffering at all. IN fact, I have to make myself eat the whole 1200. I was not eating because I was hungry. I am not hungry. I was eating because it was the only pleasure in an unhappy life. But now I focus on being happier in other ways. Sarah

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,612)
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7/12/13 8:55 A

I love that! I've seen a few info-graphics about how much pre-packaged items cost vs. fresh items, and it's crazy! It shows how much fresh fruit/veggies you can get for x-amount vs. the way smaller amount of pre-packaged processed foods for that amount.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
7/12/13 8:48 A

I've saved too!

NHELENE Posts: 1,505
7/12/13 8:28 A

Something I've adopted as a lifestyle strategy is being a "flexitarian" - I only eat meat a few times per week, and try to focus my meals around beans and vegetables rather than meat - and I can afford to spend a little more on good quality fresh produce since spending a lot less money on meat.

The other big change I've made is buying a lot less prepackaged foods and "ready meals". I also find that I have to be really disciplined about making lunches (usually leftovers) and bringing them to work so I don't end up going out to eat.

7/12/13 1:00 A

Losing weight has definitely saved me money! One, I don't eat nearly as much because my portions are now appropriately-sized. I also eat way less junk food, and I only very rarely eat out, all of which a lot of my money used to go to. In fact, I was just thinking today about how much money I'm going to save on campus this coming semester now that I'll be packing most of my food, and less inclined to buy $5 lattes. emoticon

EMAVERICK Posts: 7,229
7/12/13 12:22 A

Hi Sarah,

I save money when I am watching my food too, because I stop going to the snack machine and I stop eating out as much. If I didn't cook though, it might be more expensive to be on a diet than not.

Seems like even 1200 calories would be lower than you need to go to lose weight, at least right now. What is your SP range? I always say that we aren't in this to suffer (or we might get disheartened).

KATIZUMI2013 Posts: 90
7/11/13 10:01 P

I have a simultaneous goal to drop weight and save money, which means to stop spending. I consider overeating and overspending the same behavior in a different form: over consuming!! In my first week, i have dropped five pounds and saved 70 dollars. Doing 1200 calories as recommended in SP. I used to diet at 900 calories or less and constantly break my diet with binging because I was hungry at night. Now not so. It is difficult for me to be regulated and scheduled because I am bipolar. I need this help from SP and so glad to find it! Tired of psychology-oriented programs and therapy. Had enough! I want a taste of being normal and I find that here. Thanks for being here for me! I would be glad to converse with you. Sarah

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