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1/1/12 6:38 P

I was excited today to discover that most bottled waters contain two servings! I can drink 4 bottles of water in a day. Yay!

11/9/11 8:07 A

There are many techniques to help with acid reflux. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is number one on the list along with diet modifications. However, it is also very important to follow the advice of your doctor and use the medications as prescribed. One should never try alternative treatment options for disease conditions without first consulting one's physician.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

ARCSPARKS Posts: 369
11/8/11 6:31 P

"Arcsparks is onto something. I use Bragg's unfiltered apple vinegar (has to be unfiltered, with the matrix--cloudy stuff--to get the benefit) in some of my water, and it controls the problem completely."

Thanks Britomart. I'm getting into a lot of Bragg's products lately myself. Nutritional Yeast and the Organic Sprinkle Seasoning are both fantastic. Especially the seasoning which I use to eliminate salt from my diet. Haven't tried the vinegar, but since you mention it I'm going to try it.

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11/8/11 11:47 A

It might depend on your water table or city water filtration.

We recently had to have our well pump replaced. The company noted the intense amount of iron in our well. After that, and some other changes, my stomach problems are all but gone.

Try room temperature bottled water and see if that helps. Or try a different filter company. If you normally use Brita, try Pur or Zero Water or vice versa.

My mom swears by apple cider vinegar. It does help reflux.

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11/8/11 10:31 A

Arcsparks is onto something. I use Bragg's unfiltered apple vinegar (has to be unfiltered, with the matrix--cloudy stuff--to get the benefit) in some of my water, and it controls the problem completely.

Counterintuitive, yes, but it works for many, many people. Just don't make a sipping solution too strong (with lemon or vinegar) or you could damage your tooth enamel.

ARCSPARKS Posts: 369
11/8/11 9:50 A

Try putting some lemon in with your water. Lemon is a fast and easy acid reflux remedy. By ingesting lemon juice the stomach temporarily reduces the excretion of digestive acids.

You don't experience acid reflux by drinking tea or your Dr. Pepper because they are already acidic.

You can and should control the reflux naturally, through diet. Medications are only a band aid covering the problem.

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11/8/11 8:27 A

If you're getting acid all the way up in your throat, you need to see a doctor asap. You can be doing long-term damage to your organs. Are you taking anything for the reflux? Prevacid has been an absolute life-saver for me!

GEORGIA_IN_MS1 Posts: 28
11/7/11 10:08 P

I suppose I was not clear. I did not mean I was making myself drinking 8 glasses (using glasses as a generic thing for cups) before breakfast.

I just meant by lunch I have started having reflux. If I was sipping water throughout the morning, I would have reflux. If I was sipping iced tea or Diet Dr. Pepper throughout the morning, I would not. It's just that drinking water like a normal person would drink a beverage, I would have reflux. I could probably drink moonshine and it would not cause reflux, it's just water that does.

I do drink filtered tap water. I will try just drinking bottled water and see if that makes a difference.

11/7/11 9:27 P

I do that too. I only noticed mine after I moved to a different state. I wonder if it has something to do with water quality in certain areas because I had never had it before. ??

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,681
11/7/11 8:57 P

Also the suggested amount of water is for 8- cups of water per day not 8 glasses.
cup= 8 oz

my drinking glasses hold about 17 oz.

If the water bothers you, drink it more slowly or less of it.

11/7/11 8:19 P

I really can't explain why the plain water brings about the reflux and the sweetened tea does not. Perhaps you drink the tea more slowly throughout the morning since it is a hot beverage and you are more inclined to gulp down the water.

However, I am concerned that you feel you must drink 8 glasses of water prior to noon. This seems somewhat excessive for someone with reflux. For most healthy adults, thirst is a good indicator of the need for water/fluid. And tea, coffee, juice, milk, pop, diet drinks---they all count as water for the body.

You may be just consuming too much fluid in general for your reflux situation??? Or drinking too much too quickly. What do you think?
Dietitian Becky

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11/7/11 6:36 P

Are you taking medication for the acid reflux?

I'm taking a prescribed proton pump inhibitor and that helps. But I still drink liquids before and after meals for the same reason. It was cleared by gastro doc.

Have you seen a doctor?

LOVEMYLIFE1 Posts: 100
11/7/11 6:31 P

Georgia, I have the same problem. You know how they say to drink water to ease hunger. Well, If I drink water too much too quick (I don't think it is too quick at all). Suddenly I get terrible reflux. I do not get reflux with anything else.

GEORGIA_IN_MS1 Posts: 28
11/7/11 6:23 P

It has nothing to do with the food I eat. Day in - day out - regardless of what I eat, if I drink water, I have reflux.

BELLALUCIA Posts: 3,451
11/7/11 5:31 P

What are you eating while drinking your 8 glasses?

GEORGIA_IN_MS1 Posts: 28
11/7/11 4:53 P

I have no trouble drinking water and fully believe in all the benefits. But I shy away from drinking much water because it causes me to have acid burning reflux in my throat. I cannot figure it out. I can drink 8 glasses of tea with Splenda or Equal w/o problem. If I drink eight glasses of water, I start having reflux by noon.

Does anyone know why this is and a solution?

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