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7/7/12 9:09 P

I'd see if it can be taken out and see if that doesn't help you. You still have some time. Do you remember what weight you were at when you brought the dress? I'd work just to get back there like you said and you can worry about the rest later.

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7/7/12 6:09 A wedding is September 7th...and my dress...well let's just say I do need to lose some quick inches off my belly or Sammy's dress won't fit! I know quick isn't good but honestly I h e no choice. I've had two serious procedures done over the last few mths which really restricted what I was allowe to do being active; it was nil, and of course, I choose to eat poorly also. I've been back into exercising and eating well this week and plan to continue to do so, BUT I need some quick inch loss :(

Any suggestions folks?

I just need to fit into my dress right now so that's my quick fix and of course I will continue to strive for my goals after wedding....

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