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MNM_13 Posts: 258
11/8/09 10:15 P

Thanks for all the good ideas! I will definitely keep looking for it.

ASDOBBER Posts: 958
11/6/09 11:11 A

Make sure that you buy the dress from an authorized dealer. If you don't you are taking to big of a risk. I had a similar problem with a dress I tried on in WI and could not find it in MN to try on again. It turns out I found an even better dress. Find a dress shop that would be willing to request the dress sample for you, especially if they are an authorized dealer. Good Luck!!

11/4/09 11:19 A

I went through something very similar... fell in love with a dress online but wanted to try it on before making such a huge purchase. I called all of the stores on the website but none of them had it available in their store to try on. I eventually Googled "wedding dresses near" my city and called every number that came up. I FINALLY found one, tried it on, and it was perfect! I ordered it immediately. I wouldn't dare take the risk of buying a dress I couldn't try on first, so my advice would be to just keep looking for it! Do try on other gowns in the meantime, just in case you find another one you adore. Even though I made an appointment to try on the gown I requested, I still tried on other gowns while I was there. It's worth the time to find the one you love, so good luck to you!

MOMTWINS5551 Posts: 1
11/3/09 12:00 P

Have you tried Bridal and Formal in Cincinnati. They have almost anything.

11/2/09 8:08 P

Hello, I am sorry you are having so much trouble finding the dress. Have you tried calling Macy's in New York City or Chicago to see if they have the dress or could send it to a retail store near you to try it on? If they have it in NYC and can't send it to a location near you perhaps you could make a trip to NYC. Regardless, whether it be that dress or not I am sure you will find the perfect one for you and you will look spectacular on your special day!!! emoticon

TIGERJANE Posts: 1,799
10/30/09 9:40 P

Have you asked any of these retailers if they can request the dress from the company for you to try on? The store I bought mine from offered to order any other dresses I had seen on the website of the designers I liked that I wanted to try on, for $75, which would be put toward whatever dress I ended up purchasing.

MNM_13 Posts: 258
10/29/09 10:34 A

Thank you both for your input and help! I'll keep looking.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
10/28/09 9:05 P

Well then I hope that you find it.

I know I would want to try on the dress and not purchase it sight unseen.

Or maybe like the previous poster, you will find another dress that you love even more.

10/28/09 11:36 A

I had the same thing happen to me when I was looking for my dress. I fell in LOVE with it and I tried really hard to track it down. When I could not get my hands on it without purchasing it unseen, I decided that I was not meant to have it. So I started looking for another dress. And I found a dress that was a knock out. No other dress could have looked better on me.

I wish you tons of luck in getting your dress for your wonderful day.

MNM_13 Posts: 258
10/27/09 8:30 P

I have called all the stores on that list... I've been trying for quite some time but none of them have sent that dress out to the retailers. I could order it from the retailers but I still have the same problem... that I haven't actually seen the dress before making a huge purchase like that. Thanks for the input!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
10/27/09 6:21 P

This is the website and it has two places on the front page that you can click on that say 'authorized stores'

Purchase your gown only from an authorized dealer. Even if an internet site claims to sell it cheaper, if they are not an authorized dealer, they are not worth using.

MNM_13 Posts: 258
10/27/09 4:21 P

I have fallen in love with a dress by Mary's Bridal # F02 6143. My budget is less than 1000 and it fits perfectly in the 700-800 dollar range. I can find it all over the internet when I search but I have called countless places to actually see the dress in person and no one has the dress or can get it for me. I have even called Mary's and they couldn't tell me anywhere in my area which is Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, or Ohio that actually has the dress in the store. Any suggestions?

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