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Agreed on all points. Greek yogurt is awesome, but I've never found myself deciding to strain out regular yogurt myself in order to make it from regular yogurt. There are plenty of great brands of nice, low fat, delicious, healthy Greek yogurt out there. I happen to like Cabot, Trader Joe's (just one of about a billion great ingredients that are very reasonably priced at TJ's) and the aforementioned Fage.

One thing I love about yogurt is that you can eat it for _anything_. Add honey and walnuts, it's breakfast (or dessert). Add a side of good olives and a drizzle of EVOO, a dash of salt and a grind of pepper, and It's a protein boost for a salad. Spread it on toast and it's a sub. for cream cheese. Throw a dollop in curry and it's a thickener. All with a fantastic nutritional profile. No wonder so much of the world lives on the stuff as a staple.

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"Greek" yogurt in today's marketplace is essentially "regular" yogurt that has been strained. My understanding is that the whey or liquid portion that is drained off carries off much of the natural lactose (milk sugar), leaving behind a thicker product that is more protein-dense. If you compare labels, Fage brand 2% "greek" yogurt has something like 170cals, 9g sugar, and 20g protein per cup, while your standard unstrained reduced fat plain averages around 140cal, 16g sugar, and 12g protein (or thereabouts).

When tracking yogurt I've strained myself, I just estimate by logging it as a commercial brand of strained/greek yogurt. So if I strain Stonyfield lowfat plain and eat one cup of the strained, i just log it as one cup of Fage 2%. Not terribly precise, but good enough for me.

I do have to say, though, I often just buy the greek kind because once you strain regular yogurt, the price per volume ends up about the same.

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Why drain yogurt other yogurts are not greek don't have the same amount of protein levels as greek yogurt.. If you want the high protein benefits use the real macoy! New flash it comes in low fat editions.. People are just draining part of the goodness out of other yogurts..
I am a tight ass in the supermarket but I can't cook a owl and call it chicken..

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I have read about people draining yogurt to make it thicker like Greek yogurt. How would this affect the nutritional information of the yogurt?

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