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3/12/13 2:09 P

One thing I learned here is that the words "DETOX" "CLEANSE" "FLUSH" are sin, you don't say those words here, but I do the green smothies and it works great for me, I don't know if I'm cleansing, detoxing or flushing but I like them, I use them as 1 meal replacement and they have all the nutrients my body needs so you go ahead and do what you think your body needs as long as you are getting all the nutrients. As a matter of fact, everyone here at work is sick and I'm the only who comes to work everyday because I did not pick up the bug from them

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3/12/13 1:54 P


Alight, so I thought I would give this a go too. I am going to be in Europe for about a month I am going to veer of my normal eating pattern a bit. I am a healthy smoothie fan and eat the foods as part of the detox on a regular basis---except Pineapple.

Well, damn that lunch drink because I have never suffered with such horrible cramping, stomach pain, burning, bloating etc as I do because of the Pineapple contained within. To those wondering how I have narrowed my reaction down to pinneaple; simply I eat all the other foods listed very often and these incredibly bad stomachaches remind me of the time I ate pinneapple pizza at a party in Australia....and spent most of the night/next day in tears.

I cannot make any sort of conclusion on the detox because I have had to abandon it for now but here are a couple of observations:

.I had to cut all the ingredients except almond/coconut butters down by half in all the drinks----who the hell can eat a WHOLE cucumber plus the other stuff in the smoothie?

. I could barely drink two full 'meals' let alone the third plus an extra 'favourite.' Be honest, if you are doing this detox too can you handle all of that? This certainly says something about the portion sizes people are used to in the US or maybe I am a pansy...

. I tracked the drinks, as I do all food I eat...and this detox is so protein defecient it's scary.

. Most of these drinks call for very little water, I needed to add a lot more to make it a drink.

Honestly, after I return from Europe I may need to do a similar 'detox' for a couple of days but the pineapple won't be coming back...

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3/11/13 9:31 P

While I have not tried his cleanse, I am on one that is working really well for me. My MD. put me on it. It's supplements in a kit that detoxs your cells. I have been blogging about it in November and on when I started. I posted phots. It helps to balance your hormones also so you loose inches as your body balances. It provided good nutrients, no caffine or unsafe ingredients. Since starting I was able to get out of a wheelchair and my enegry is improving along with my strength.

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3/11/13 7:04 P

"your body doesn't have to work to digest nutrients so it's a win win!"

Work = burning calories
Isn't that what you want? Why would you EVER want to give your body a reason to be lazy?? You should be trying to make things more difficult to digest, not easier!!

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3/11/13 6:56 P

Lol, oh how i love Dr. Oz!

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3/11/13 6:25 P

BRITTTURTLE: Cleanses can't "flush" anything from your system. Our bodies don't work that way. They're not toilets, and can't be flushed.

3/11/13 5:34 P

There are multiple ways to purge water weight, mostly by drinking more water. Sounds strange I know. However, there are still a ton of benefits to a cleanse, namely you flush toxins out of your system. Also, if you're juicing your body doesn't have to work to digest nutrients so it's a win win!

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3/11/13 5:03 P

Thanks for the advice. In the end we all do what we want but I am deffinately going to consider both sides before I decide what to do :)

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3/11/13 1:34 P

Dragonchilde has given you some great advice. Skip the cleanse, and here's why:

Coach Jen

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3/11/13 11:19 A

You don't need to do a cleanse to drop water weight. For starters, you can't "flush" your body. It's not a toilet. It's normal to fluctuate in weight like you're describing; everyone does. This is one of the pitfalls of weighing daily.

Skip the fad cleanses (which have absolutely no proven medical benefits) and start restricting your sodium intake. That will shed the water weight. Because the problem is once you stop the cleanse, even if you've lost water weight, it'll come right back when you go back to your regular diet. Cleanses don't work, and can't do what they claim to do.

The other thing is that even if you're retaining water, you should still be able to lose weight. I would look at your calorie intake for the culprit, not a lack of "cleansing."

The only "cleanse" you should ever need to do is eating whole, healthy foods in a moderate amount. If you want to shed that water weight, stop eating prepackaged food, skip the restaurant meals, and make everything yourself using whole ingredients (preferably things WITHOUT nutrition labels.)

And stop watching Dr. Oz. ;) He's a scammer and a shyster who sells his advice to the highest bidder. He is not a trustworthy source for weight loss advice.

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3/11/13 11:04 A

I heard that doing a cleanse can help you drop some water weight. I just started tracking my sodium because I realized it was causing me to retain water and I had been wondering why I havent lost weight for A LONG time, plus I fluctuate up and down by two pounds every other day. Like literally one day im 200 the next im 198 then the next day im 200, then 198, and so on. So I would like to do this cleanse because it seems like the healthiest choice when it comes to cleanses. I would not be able to do a cleanse that was for example just a certain type of tea. Dr Oz's attracts me because it is whole food in smoothie form which will make me feel better. Opinions? Has anyone tried it?

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