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If you want to do yourself a HUGE favour, please do NOT follow that diet!!! They may be having success with the weight, but MAN, they run a lot of risks for serious health consequences, and regaining all of that and then some after they have reached their goals.

Do it the tried and true way - portion control; wise choice of foods MOST of the time; good portion control, and an appropriate amount of exercise. (Of course, weighing all of your food and using your Nutrition Tracker for everything makes it that much easier to reach your goals :-) ....been there, done that - LOL!) It may take longer, but you would be the one having the last laugh when you are still healthy after reaching your goal AND maintain!


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3/22/13 12:58 A

It is never healthy to lose weight that rapidly.

The body only loses fat by burning it. That is only way that fat can leave the body. It isn't flushed away and it doesn't magically disappear.

Depending on age, height, activity level etc, the average person burns around 2,000 calories a day. Let's say these people even exercise like mad, and burn on average 2,500 calories a day!

But you gotta eat. So it's not all stored fat. Even this plan sounds like they don't ask you not to eat.

So let's say they eat very little. Healthy fruit and veg only, not much else, and topping out at an unhealthy low of only 500 calories per day.

So with a very generous rough guide to burn, and an extremely low allowance on intake, they're burning at most 2,000 calories of fat a day.

That's 4 pounds a week.

So what's the rest of the weight?



Organ tissue.

Bone density.

These are all things you want to keep! But that your body won't keep if you under-feed it with a fad diet. They're calorie-expensive to maintain, so the body drops them.

You know the body can't burn more than about 4lb a week in fat alone - so any claims of any greater losses than that should always be treated with extreme scepticism. That's not "fat" they're losing.

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3/21/13 11:31 P

So my friend and her mom have been using this weight loss program created by a Dr. Aroire Eisaied/Elsayed/El-Sayed (I don't know the correct name). In the last week alone, she has lost 11lbs and her mom had lost 9 lbs. I know nothing about this program, but I do know it consist of eating lots of fruits and veggies. My friend has also been having a little soda here and there. She has this program on paper, but I have yet to see it being that we live a good distance apart. Has anyone heard of this? Is it healthy? Is it just a fad?

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