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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,583
10/21/13 1:37 P

I see that some of you are making your own frozen meals, I think that is a good start.

The way I see it. This is at least a start. If you chose a Lean Cuisine over lunch at McDonalds. That would be a better option.

Not a very big fan of shakes, though.

It is important that you learn something from this. And if you learn how to make your own portioned fresh to frozen meals. That would be great.

THINTURTLE SparkPoints: (2,024)
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10/19/13 10:24 P

I got the pea protein at whole foods. Very easy to digest.

MOGRANNY2 SparkPoints: (118)
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10/17/13 11:44 A

I am still on plan, too. Really am enjoying this way of eating. It is so convenient and I feel that I can stick with this during my weight loss and also will help with maintaining.

Do you like the pea protein powder? I need to get some. Have heard of it, but have never gotten any.

Have a great day.

THINTURTLE SparkPoints: (2,024)
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10/16/13 10:21 P

I put some thought into my frozen dinner choice for lunch and choose a lean cuisine or healthy choice. I use pea protein for the shake and almond milk. I think it is more about portion control and awareness than anything. The plan makes it convenient for working people and since we are told some parameters for fat/protein and calories, it is very doable. I would have to say it is healthier than school lunch which is my other choice. The calories there are fine for active children but not so much for me. I am please with the plans premises and the info in the book.

MOGRANNY2 SparkPoints: (118)
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10/16/13 8:42 A

Good morning.
Had a good day on the Simple Diet yesterday - down 3#. As I want to avoid sodium, I make most of my entrees and then portion them out and have them ready at all times. I do keep some frozen store bought ones in case of emergency and if I don't have any of my own prepared. I also make some of my own shakes and also use some bought ones.
I feel that with all of the fruits and veggies that I eat with this that I am getting a really healthy diet and feel wonderful.
I have finally found a plan that I can stay with and enjoy the variety.
I think everyone has to do what works for them.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
10/15/13 4:45 P

I can't imagine choking down salty frozen dinners, and shakes is simple. This diet is just processed junk food. Saying that a person needs to read the book to realize that frozen dinners are unhealthy is ludicrous. All you need to do is taste one. They are tiny, and salty, and taste horrible. If you can eat 1600 calories of this junk, then why not just eat 1600 calories of tasty food.

Can it work, yes. Is it good? not really. There are better options, that taste a lot better, and have less sodium/more fiber in them

Still, if this is the only thing you think you can stick to, reaching a healthy weight can have many positive effects. As Jillian Michaels often says. Dieting doesn't have to be perfect choices, just better choices. If these dinners/shakes are better than what you would otherwise eat, then it will help you.

While I don't think this method is that great, there are hundreds of diet plans that are as bad, or worse, as evidenced by the lack of people at a healthy weight. Might as well give this one a try too.

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MOGRANNY2 SparkPoints: (118)
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Posts: 22
10/15/13 4:14 P

I am new to posting here. I have just restarted the simple diet and just wondering if anyone is currently doing this. Would love to have support and thoughts from others doing this. I did this a while back and really had good success. I have to watch my sodium, so was making most of my entrees.

THINTURTLE SparkPoints: (2,024)
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9/30/13 10:49 P

Is anyone still on this plan? I started today and it seems very doable for my life during the school year. Are you having success?

FRECKLES1950 Posts: 23
11/5/12 9:29 A

I've been on the Simple Diet since Friday and am down 3 lbs.!!!!! I have to admit I've been modifying the diet to suit ME! I'm allowing myself one "cheat meal" a week...this will probably be our Saturday night "date night". Also, if I go out to lunch with a friend, I'll have a salad with FF ranch dressing...figure it has to be as low as...or lower than...the entree I'd usually have. I'm tracking highest calorie day has been 1335calories. I've been walking approx. 4 miles a day....burning 350-390 calories each time. I'm not sure how accurate this is. I found an online calculator that calculates calories burned. I got really hungry yesterday and needed SOMETHING! So, I had a cup of low sodium beef broth...only 30 calories and it sure helped! Thinking about adding sugar free Metamucil on a daily basis to ward off consipation. So far I'm loving the simplicity of this diet!

FRECKLES1950 Posts: 23
11/3/12 4:25 P

STEPHEN_NANNY: I agree that if they have read the book and thoroughly understand the diet…or have personal experience with the diet…of course they can give constructive criticism. I apologize if it appears that I don’t want to hear anything bad about it! I just don’t like it when people attack the diet without knowing all the facts about it. I’ve read the book and think it could be a solution for some of us. Of course, we are all entitled to our own opinions!

CHESAPEAKE60: I’ve been following the “Simple Diet” in a thread on another site. Some people actually ARE creating their own frozen entrees by doing their own cooking. I think it’s great if that’s what you want to do! Unfortunately, if I was cooking, I’d be eating WHILE I’m cooking! emoticon For me personally, what attracted me is the simplicity of being able to use meals that are already available in grocery stores: Smart Ones, Healthy Choice, etc.That way I won't be tempted to eat more than I should. I agree that the low calories is what produces the results. I can only speak for myself, of course, but I’ve been on many different diets over the years and feel I have a good grasp of what good nutrition is. This diet will hopefully, give me a “jump start” to losing weight. I'm not really planning to "learn" anything from the diet...except maybe portion control. I feel I can slowly transition to the “real world” after I’ve come closer to my goal weight. As you said…to each his/her own! We all have to choose our own path. emoticon

FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
11/3/12 2:01 P

I "Googled" this and it looks pretty healthy. Dr. Anderson is a Professor of Medicine and Clinical Nutrition at the University of Kentucky so it can't be all bad. I would want to eventually start cooking my own stuff though and would definitely watch your sodium on the frozen meals and as Becky said, do the math on the calories. It would not be a plan for me personally although I could see my DH doing this.

CHESAPEAKE60 SparkPoints: (7,814)
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11/3/12 9:28 A

Epic, needless to say, as everyone has said if you are in a negative calorie balance you will lose weight whatever the eating plan. But I am a bit confused about your statement about using the plan until you are goal weight then taking what you learned and applying it to real food/cooking.

What exactly do you plan to learn from a system that is regimented this way. If it is a matter of looking at the total calories and other nutrients that meet the plan requirements couldn't you just do that now with your own cooking? I guess what I am saying is that most people fail when they plan to eat a certain way to lose weight and then change to something else once they get there. If you can make that change at goal weight why can't you make that change now?

The other reason I think cooking your own food is better is that you can control want goes in the meal.

For instance you can find a spaghetti with meat sauce frozen meal for 300 calories. But it will be a small portion, will have high salt content, will be made from highly processed white pasta and beef that is probably full of hormones. Yum!

For a little time and effort you can cook your own whole wheat pasta, use a reduced sodium, low sugar marinara sauce (if you don't want to make that yourself), brown some 98% fat free ground turkey, add sautéed mushrooms, etc. And end up with a much healthier and more filling meal.

But we each take our own path for this journey. So now I will simply wish you luck on yours.

STEPHEN_NANNY SparkPoints: (0)
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11/3/12 8:52 A

The OP asked for opinions (read the original post)...critiquing an eating regime, particularly a commercial one, is healthy for everyone and helps people make informed decisions one way or another. If someone doesn't like the diet, and explains why, I would like to hear about it.

I would rather people stay out of threads who mindlessly cheer-lead fad diets and ignore facts...but I think the point of these forums are open discussions so you have to take the good with the bad I guess.

FRECKLES1950 Posts: 23
11/3/12 8:39 A

Hmmmm....two frozen entrees a day. Don't think I'm going to OD on salt! LOL! This thread is entitled "Dr. Anderson's, 'The Simple Diet'". If you don't like the diet, and can't offering anything but criticism....why not just stay out of the threat? LOL!

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
11/2/12 2:52 P

If you eat a lot of frozen entrees, be aware that they often are very high in sodium and added crud. They are quite processed. Not what I would call "eating clean."

FRECKLES1950 Posts: 23
11/2/12 10:07 A

I hate how people condemn a diet without knowing all the facts! emoticon I think the Simple Diet is great! You suppliment the meal replacement entrees with fruits and vegetables (at least 5 servings per day). You take vitamins. You have 3 protein shakes per day. You exercise. I just started, so don't know how it's going to work for me. I'm keeping an Excel spreadsheet to record calories used each day, as well as physical activity/calories burned. Of course you have to eventually transition back to the real world and prepare real food again. If YOU don't think it's a good diet...don't use it! Duh! LOL! I'm giving it a try! Seems perfect if you want simplicity!

2/14/12 3:33 P

See how you do on 1600 calories daily. If you find that you are not losing, you may need to drop to about 1400.

Dietitian Becky

2/13/12 10:55 P

I think it would be approx 1600 cal.


Fitness Minutes: (20,400)
Posts: 2,704
2/13/12 10:45 P

I think it sounds "simply" boring. I am extremely busy. I work full-time, I go to the gym at least four times each week, I take language courses in the evening, I have a social life and I do normal things like run errands, housekeeping and reading... and I LOVE preparing my own meals. I am a self-taught cook, in that I had never prepared a single meal when I moved out at eighteen, but over the past ten years I've read cookbooks, watched Top Chef and fooled around in the kitchen until I've figured out how to make great food. I cook with health in mind, but I am also cost-conscious and I am passionate about time-saving techniques like batch cooking and careful meal planning. I rarely cook during the week; usually I set aside four or five hours on the weekend, cook batches of great foods, portion them and refrigerate or freeze them for the upcoming week. The BEST thing I've ever done for my health and weight was learn to cook beautiful meals.

2/13/12 10:11 P

Do the math, if you plan to use the program.
How many calories are you getting from your purchased meals and shakes.
Then if you add fruits and veggies:
about 60 calories/fruit serving
25 calories/non-starchy veggie serving

What is the total calories for the day??


2/13/12 10:06 P

Yeah, I was planning on doing the diet for awhile, and then using what I learn and applying it to my "real environment."

For example, the diet calls for 5 small meals, 5 servings of fruits/veggies... the main meals under 300 cal and the shakes under 200 cal with between 6-9g of fat or less. So, after getting to the weight I want to be at, in order to maintain it, I would stick to all of the "rules" per small meal, only they wouldn't be frozen.. I'd be preparing them from fresh foods and having a serving of fruits/veggies with each meal, and still exercising/drinking lots of water. Does that sound like it might work? Would I maintain the lost weight that way?

Thanks for the response, I'm glad you're familiar with the book! emoticon

JUSTBIRDY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (67,620)
Posts: 9,840
2/13/12 9:05 P

Oh, there is so much junk in some of the packaged dinners. I would want to go with a hunk of meat and a head of cabbage and that would be enough for a few meals. I like to focus on real food instead of shakes, and I haven't found them to be all that cheap. I guess it would be cheaper than going out for lots of meals.

2/13/12 8:37 P

I am familiar with the diet plan/book.
It is basically applying the principals used by meal replacement programs and using standard things one can buy at the grocery store (shakes, bars, frozen dinners, etc). You are controling calories, because of the portion sizes of the shakes, meals, etc.

Yes, it can be fairly healthy. Yes, you can lose weight. But you also need to learn how to plan your own meals in your "real environment", or else you will gain your weight back.

Dietitian Becky

MSGNOME Posts: 555
2/13/12 8:20 P

I'm a full time college student on a budget and I somehow handle making proper food. Are you going to eat these shakes for the rest of your life? The second you stop you'll gain back any weight you lose.

NEED2MOVE2 Posts: 1,470
2/13/12 8:13 P

I have had friends who try " New Diets"... yes they work.. but only short term.. they gain their weight back plus more. I believe in eating healthy and moving your body.
Good luck on your endeavor.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
2/13/12 8:00 P

Losing 50 pounds in 12 weeks is neither healthy nor realistic unless you are extremely overweight, at least 150 pounds over a healthy weight.

I think any plan that advocates shakes and frozen meals over fresh foods is a load of bunk. Yes, you'll lose weight on reduced calories, regardless of what you eat. Yes, there's a chance, if you are very careful, that you will get proper micronutrients and macronutrients from shakes and frozen dinners. But I can't imagine it being enjoyable for even a day, let alone for weeks at a time.

The SP plan advocates healthy eating, with real food making the basis of your diet. That doesn't mean that everything has to be cooked from scratch; I like to cook, but it's not necessary to spend hours in the kitchen every day to lose weight. It is sustainable and you don't have be unsatisfied, because it's about making changes to your diet. Dr. Anderson's plan sounds like a crash diet like any other.

2/13/12 7:38 P

Have you tried it? I'm starting it on Wednesday 2/15/12... Basically you choose 3 shakes a day, any option with up to 200 cal, 10 or more grams of protein, and less than 6g of fat (you can also occasionally substitute a meal replacement bar instead of a shake). Then you choose 2 frozen entrees a day, any option up to 300 cal, 10 or more grams of protein, and less than 9g of fat. Then you get 5 servings of fruits/veggies, one with each shake/frozen meal. Then ONLY drink water (aside from the shakes), as much as you want, and work out at least 20min a day.

This plan is for busy mom's or full-time job/college student peoples on a budget. It's pretty cheap. You can find frozen meals for usually a $1.00 or less depending on the brand, and for the shakes you can just use Slim-Fast, Special K, etc... Which aren't TOO pricey.

What do you think? People have lost significant amounts of weight... Like 50lbs in 12 weeks (3 mon).

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