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I don't know how the libraries are in Malaysia. but in the United States, anyone with a library card can borrow CDs from their local library. Most people don't realize that libraries now carry music CDs as well as DVDs along with all the different books. So, if there is a musician or CD you really like, go to your local library and see if you can borrow it. this way you don't have to pay for the CD and you can still load it onto your computer.

Do you go to the library ? If not, check and see if they carry CDs or DVDs. Why buy when you can borrow ?

PS - I usually buy single songs from itunes or amazon. And there have been a couple of albums I wanted to buy that were only available as a download, no CD available.

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Gee, some of us still have vinyl records and they are coming back to some degree! I still have mine, but I admit I copied the ones I like best to CDs and prefer playing them on a CD player. Even if I buy an album from iTunes, I usually burn it to a CD.

I do not like iTunes "control" policies and if I buy single songs, I usually buy from another source instead of iTunes.

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4/18/13 11:25 A

I still purchase music CDs, and have a collection of over 300 CDs from a variety of music genres that I like. CDs may be old-school now, but they will be around long after the power goes off. I've been watching shows like "Revolution" where the lights went out around the world and everything digital or computerized is just gone. But if you have batteries or solar power or something to operate a CD player, you can listen to your music.

I like the sound quality of CDs as well.

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4/18/13 9:02 A

another thing to keep in mind - if you are trying to decide whether or not to purchase a CD or a single song download and samples of the songs are not available for listening, see if the artist has a YouTube channel.

I often listen to those while I'm doing things around the house. If I like the majority of the songs I hear, I'll spring for the CD.

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4/17/13 1:23 P

you can buy used CDs online. That's what I usually do. Or you can buy downloads.

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4/17/13 1:18 P

Thanks for telling me about the stealing thing.

I guess I'll be buying more music now. Only CDs can get v. expensive!

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4/17/13 12:37 P


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4/17/13 11:40 A

Hi Obiesmom, I just figured out this Amazon Cloud Player thing. So you go to Amazon and sign into your account. Then you choose Your Cloud Player. The CDs should be right there or ready for download. And then you can play them from any device that gets Amazon.

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4/17/13 11:10 A


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4/17/13 11:09 A

download and the cloud

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4/17/13 10:22 A

also - the last CDs that I bought from Amazon are now all available to me in The Cloud

do I have any idea how to access them? Of course not!!! But chances are I'll take the time to figure it out someday.

the problem I had with downloads was with individual MP3 song downloads I purchased from Walmart online. When my MP3 player died I was not able to load the songs from our computer to the new MP3. DH also bought a CD around the same time and was unable to rip the songs to put them on his MP3.

DH assures me that is no longer an issue. But as the saying goes: fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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4/17/13 10:20 A


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4/17/13 10:17 A

I buy my cds at Rasputin and I pay 25 cents. Many artists I like are on the 25 cent sales. I just bought 11 cds on Sunday it cost with tax $2.96. I bought a few Madonna's, 10,000 maniacs, Jon Secada, Celine Dion, Billy Joel and more. I also grab artists I never heard of and try them out since all I will lose is a quarter if I do not like. I have discovered a few artists I absolutely love that I never heard of before and they are now my favorite cds. I know the artists are not making any money off of me but last cd that my husband bought me for Valentine's Day had me ticked off. It is the Alicia Keyes cd with the song "That Girl is on Fire" and the clown Nikki Minaj is in it. I had no clue along with my husband that they paired up and sang that. radio never plays that version. Once a cd is open you cannot take it back. I am done buying brand new cds from now on due to this. Rasputin is my place!

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4/17/13 10:13 A


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4/17/13 10:10 A

If I like the music...usually found from Youtube or Pandora,then I will head to Amazon and listen to all the sample songs.If I like the majority of the songs,I'll buy the CD.If I can't sample the album first,I'll listen to the song I like now and then on Youtube,but I never spend my hard earned money on a hunch that I "may" like a whole album.I've only downloaded music (that I bought) a few times,but for the most part,I like having something physical in my hands.

4/17/13 10:08 A

imho: yes it is, it's illegal so I don't do it but for others, do want you need to do, no judgment here.

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4/17/13 9:03 A

As a musician myself, I always buy the cd - I usually buy it online and have it shipped to me as I don't often walk into a record store. However, I also don't believe in iTunes - buy the whole cd not just a song; the whole cd tells the story of where the band is at this morment in time. They live in the "b-sides" not the commercial favs. It's an experience, not just a song.

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4/17/13 8:51 A

If you buy a CD at the store or pay to download it online, it's yours to do with as you wish. But searching for music online and downloading it without paying the artist is stealing. IMO, that's a part of what makes music so shallow today....labels are unwilling to take the time and money necessary to nurture an artist over time because the outlay of cash up front is just too much, and they're not recouping it unless the first release is a HUGE seller. That's also why all the good music stores are closing, leaving us with the pitiful selection at the big box stores.

Rant over


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4/17/13 8:46 A


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4/17/13 8:42 A

I used to download a bit, back in '98 or so. Not in bulk because of fear. Not from youtube, obviously. Now I don't see a reason to, now that the record companies have adopted reasonable practices and started selling mp3's for an amount of money that makes sense. Paying 20 dollars for a cd back then was absurd, especially if you weren't sure whether or not you'd like it, because the radio stations only played crap. When the DMCA rolled around and they tried to even make it impossible (and illegal) to rip a purchased cd, things got worse. Even then, if I found I liked an artist after downloading some songs, I'd usually end up buying a cd or two. After all, it was certainly easier than trying to download the whole thing over dial up.

But a lot has improved. 99 cents per song, 10 or so for the whole cd - I'm fine with this. I buy from Amazon, don't approve of the super controlling tactics of Apple with iTunes. I think most people would prefer to do the legal thing, but back then, with terrible radio and no other options to find good music, downloading made sense for a lot of people. Now, music is priced more reasonably and the internet offers tons of options for getting exposure to decent music.

The battle is still going on with e-books. Will be interesting to see the result. Amazon doesn't look too good in this situation, but then, nobody does.

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4/17/13 8:34 A

To answer your first question, its straight up illegal and deprives artists of their rightful income so by definition stealing.

I prefer Spotify because I can chose what I want to listen to when I want it and it pays the artist.

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4/17/13 8:34 A

lol of course it's illegal :P....
I prefer buying the songs I like on iTunes, instead of buying the whole CD.

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4/17/13 8:26 A

I use iTunes. Downloading off YouTube is illegal. It's stealing.

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4/17/13 7:08 A

I buy the CDs I really want versus downloads

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4/17/13 5:54 A

due to a bad experience YEARS ago with downloads (that I PAID for!), I'm hesitant to download music. There is a CD I want now (older one) that downloading is the best option...but I'm still wary.

honestly, I buy CDs because I listen to them at work, in my car, AND rip them to my MP3. When I buy the CD, I can pretty much do whatever I want with it.

4/17/13 12:17 A

I guess I'm old school as my kid would say, I download CD's.

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4/16/13 11:23 P

I prefer to purchase my CD's.

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4/16/13 11:18 P

Online Now  • ))
I prefer to buy the CDs.

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4/16/13 11:17 P

Do you think that downloading songs from youtube is illegal?

Would you still buy CDs if you like the artist? Or would you just search for the songs on youtube?

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