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6/7/13 12:25 P

I have a pick me up for you !!!

I remember this old Garfield cartoon. Garflied is sitting at his table looking depressed. The bubble above his head says,"I'm down down down". Next bubble he says,"I'm down down down... doobie do down down". Last bubble ?

Ready ? he says,"comma comma down doobie do down down".

Okay if that didn't make you smile, it's time to watch Singing in the Rain.

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6/7/13 11:53 A


It's raining here too. I suspect it's raining along the entire Eastern seaboard, right now.

I'm sure you're worried about that doctor's call too, but don't let the weather get you down. How about taking a walk ? Put on your rain gear and jump in a few puddles just like Gene Kelly does in Singing in the Rain. Remember when you were young ? I'll bet you enjoyed splashing in the rain. So, why not let your inner child go outside and have some fun.

One thing I learned while I was unemployed is this, get out of the house. The longer you stay in the house, the more depressed you'll be. I know the weather stinks, but go to the library. go to a movie. go to the gym. keep yourself busy. That's what I did while I was looking for work. I got out of the house.


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6/7/13 10:33 A

I'm sorry you're feeling this way, I can relate to that.

I agree about seeing the rain as a positive. I live in an area that has been in a drought for 8 years. We have a high fire danger every day in the summer and when the wind blows. Thinking of beautiful ongoing rain makes my heart sing- try to think of the depressed feeling as a dry, hot desert and the rain as coming down to wash it all away.

If you can't go outside to exercise, do it inside. Even if you haven't got any workout videos, you can use this site or YouTube to find workouts. Try to find some Gilad videos on Youtube, they are shot in beautiful Hawaii and he is cute and encouraging.

I hope your mood lifts off of you and you have a great time tonight!

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6/7/13 8:51 A

Thank you, DDHEART.

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6/7/13 8:42 A

It is hard to push away those blue feelings but I would offer one little suggestion of a trick that sometimes helps me.

For each of the things you mention...try to find a positive...we've had days of rain here too and cold besides but each morning I have been getting up and pouring myself a 20 oz glass of water then I walk from window to window sipping my water and looking out to see what all that rain has done....everything is green and growing, the branches of the trees are hanging with moisture, the birds are running around gathering worms. The point is to see something positive in the negative. Now, I'm not saying that it's easy to see the positive in everything but trying to find something and actually thinking about it or like that trick of looking in the mirror and saying something positive to ourselves. hokey....yes...but we can redirect our thought patterns when we try this.

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6/7/13 8:09 A

I am so down and blue today. It's raining heavily (and will for days) which will make it more difficult/unpleasant to continue my streak. Thunder and lightning, too. And, I am waiting for a call from the Dr's office (which never came yesterday) and it's really stressing me out. I cannot get up and get moving in order to go to work. We have an event tonight to say goodbye to a co-worker and I dont want to go. I just want to go back to bed.

i havent felt this down in a while.


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