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NARESH4 Posts: 6
7/3/13 10:00 P

I fully got your point. But I am lean person with fat around only my midriff portion. My muscles are loose now due to own lethargic schedule. Only thing I was wondering if taking extra protein will help in toning up muscles. I am afraid that unnecessary extra intake of protein will result in gaining weight. Yes, positive is that I am beginning to enjoy gymming after a break of almost 4 years. Thanks that my office shifted just opposite a modern gym.

GRACE1054 Posts: 605
7/3/13 9:19 A

I've been working on my calves for what seems like forever and have yet to see any real definition but am continuing on. I can feel the muscle but I have to lose the fat around the muscle for it to look toned which is where the cardio and healthy eating plan come in. Part of it is genetic....some body types show muscle definition better than others.
There are some good lower body strength exercise videos on this site.

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NARESH4 Posts: 6
7/2/13 10:47 P

Thanks. I give a break of two days i.e. Saturday and Sunday. I have a target of continue for at least 6 months before deciding otherwise.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
7/2/13 9:47 P

Takes time; however if you stopped it would quickly show what you have achieved!!

NARESH4 Posts: 6
7/2/13 3:28 A

I am 57 years old. I was suggested by my doctor to exercise my leg muscles to get relief from knee pain. The knee pain was diagnosed due to loose muscles causing the joint to get loose and bones contacting with each other. I have been doing cycling for 10 mins to reach my heart rate from 105 to 155 and then do leg curls, leg extensions on alternate days. I feel good after the exercise for about 4 hours and then the pain sets in again. I have been sticking to this regime for almost 5 weeks.
My muscles never ached as they should when one starts to exercise. Also, I don't see any toning up of my muscles.
My diet is very simple - Muesli with dry fruits n nuts plus milk and one boiled egg, Lunch consists of barley n Japanese mushrooms and dinner of 1 chapati n vegetable.

Do I have to take some sort of supplements to give kick start to muscle toning???

Lastly, I do exercise during my lunch break only.


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