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12/11/12 5:20 P

Thanks so much for the replies, everyone! I will work out in the AM and right when I get home from work (1pm) - I donate at 7pm.

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12/11/12 12:56 P

Whenever I donate blood with the Red Cross, they recommend waiting 24 hours. If I know I'm going to give blood, I exercise first thing in the morning before I donate. I won't donate after I work out. I did that one time and I will NEVER do that again.

I thought doing some light cardiovascular exercise would be okay after donating. I was wrong. got on the elliptical a few hours after giving blood. I was only on the machine 5-10 minutes. I thought I was going to pass out. stopped working out. headed home and laid down. Ever since then, I've warned everyone to skip a workout after giving blood.

How long to wait ? Depends on how your body responds. At the very least, you should get a good night's rest before your next workout. Definitely don't do anything intense and if you do feel like you're going to pass out, stop exercising.

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12/11/12 11:56 A

You don't have to wait too long after you donate blood to start exercising. Just drink a large glass of juice AND water, and your blood should replenish itself within an hour or two. Just make sure you are in tune with your body, and if you get too tired too quickly or become dizzy you sit down right away.

Exercising beforehand is not a problem, but try to be careful not to exercise within the same hour or two that you give blood. You don't want your heart-rate to be up when you are about to give blood.

-Blood Donor as well

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12/11/12 11:18 A

- you can exercise the following day

- I have never heard not to exercise before-hand, but maybe go easy?

- donating (actually the process of making up the donation afterwards) counts as 600 calories of exercise. So you can skip your workout anyway.

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12/11/12 11:15 A

I would contact your blood donation center to ask them what they recommend. The risk of sudden blood pressure drops put you at greater risk for injury.

The Red Cross says five hours:

As with most stuff, your mileage may vary, so listen to your body, and if you feel light headed or fatigued, stop.

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12/11/12 10:35 A

I donate every 8 weeks to the Blood Center of Wisconsin. This is the first time I'm donating since I've been on Spark/exercise every day. I know they say to not do vigorous exercise after you donate. So my questions are 1) how soon before you can exercise again and 2) is there any sort of rule about not being able to exercise BEFORE you go donate?

(I know to be hydrated and to eat a healthy meal before I donate.)


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